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Latest update: 04/07/2019 10:12:39

JCO Co.Ltd.

If you have any problems with drawings, design, machining, or 3D modeling (3D CAD), please contact us!

If you have any problems with drawings, design, machining, or 3D modeling (3D CAD), please contact us!
Do you want to convert handwritten drawings into 2D data?
Do you want to reduce time spent on drawings (tracing)?
Are you looking for a designer?
Do you need help with creating 3D data, even though you can create 2D data?
Do you need help with creating data for 3D printing (metal or plastic)?
Do you want to make a model using a 3D printer?
Do you want to process metal or plastic material?
You can count on us for all needs like these!
You can make the impossible possible.
Our goal is to support customers.

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Sales Pitch

We apply 2D/3D CAD to offer technical drawings, design, modeling, and 3D printing data creation.
Technical drawings and design by 2D/3D CAD
Do you want to reduce time spent on easy design and drawings (tracing), although you have a designer?
We can undertake all such work.
Making use of our services lets you concentrate on other tasks.
Modeling by 3D CAD
Do you need help with converting 2D CAD data into 3D CAD data, although you have 2D CAD data?
We can take on all such work.
3D modeling data creation by 3D CAD
Are you interested in plastic or metal 3D modeling (3D printing)?
We can undertake all necessary processes from 3D data creation to modeling.
We can apply our services to provide your desired prototypes of products.
We can support mass-production prototyping, low-cost and quick delivery prototyping, and so on.



Other presentation

[Business Description and Features]
[Business Description]
We offer mechanical design services using 2D/3D CAD, and design, develop, and manufacture metal and plastic parts. We also offer metal and plastic 3D printer design and modeling.

[Available Services and Skills]
Our services and skills include laser processing (metal), lathing (metal/plastic), milling (metal/plastic), water-jet machining (metal/plastic/rubber/sponge), 3D printing (metal/plastic), metal bending, wire processing (metal), and welding (metal). We also handle conversion of handwritten drawings into CAD data (tracing), creating drawings (mechanical/electrical), creating sheet metal expansion drawings, 3D perspective drawings, and transformation of 2D drawings into 3D data. We offer 2D/3D data creation from parts or products, part breakdown diagram creation from assembly drawings, creation of assembly drawings from multiple parts, and weight reduction.

[Software Used]
AutoCAD, Inventor, Mechanical, Fusion360

[Outline and Uses of Main Products, Technology, Merchandise, and Services]
We offer 3D modeling of mechanical designs and parts for shipbuilding and heavy industries (chemical plants and power plants). We supply metal and plastic parts to leading manufacturers.

*Parts: precision parts, packing (metal and plastic), gaskets, bolts and nuts, and so on. We design, make, and provide metal and plastic 3D-printed prototype models for major manufacturers.

*For confidentiality reasons we cannot provide all information about our transactions. If you are interested in us, please feel free to contact us.

[Transactions and Development with Major Companies]
Shipbuilding Company A: We supply metal and plastic parts with complex shapes (design and machining).
Electronics Company B: We design plant equipment and make drawings (2D CAD).
Building Firm C: We provide drawing support for new buildings (creating drawings).
Major Brand D: We supply jigs for product development (design and manufacturing).

[Representative’s Message (market cultivation efforts, how J-GoodTech can be utilized, etc.)]
We only offered mechanical design services (mainly creating 2D CAD drawings) when our company was founded. However, our current services include 3D CAD modeling and analysis, metal and plastic part design and manufacturing (with cooperation companies), and metal and plastic 3D printer modeling, design and prototyping. We provide support from design to creating drawings, to 3D modeling, prototyping, part manufacturing, and product quality control. You can count on us for all these steps. We promise to satisfy you.

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