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Latest update: 09/01/2020 10:40:02

Emachina. Co., Ltd.

Please entrust us with the manufacture of  IoT-compatible devices.

"Reliable Japanese-made products"
Our products are made in factories in Japan. We perform all processes from part selection to procurement in Japan. We develop software in our company.

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Sales Pitch

Vermin evasion equipment "Evasi"
Are you pestered with endless damage caused by vermin?
Evasi emits supersonic waves from its speakers. The equipment emits ultrasonic waves to rats, weasels, raccoons, deer, boars, etc. which irritates them and causes them to avoid the noise. Furthermore, since Evasi repels these animals, it is effective as a measure for stopping them causing damage. Since Evasi does not exterminate these animals, you do not have the trouble of clearing up carcasses etc.. In addition, since Evasi is equipped with an on-board computer, it is an IoT-compatible product that can be operated via a computer or smartphone. 
Use this product as backup for gantry cranes!
Our dual-purpose container spreaders are hoisting attachments that are used for container cranes and that are dedicated to containers. They are expandable spreaders whose length is adjusted to either 20 ft or 40 ft. 
●No power source is required! ●We can produce triple-purpose (20, 30, and 40 ft) container spreaders. ●Our container spreaders can be shortened to 20 ft, taking up less space for storage. ●A 10 t truck can be used for transportation. No trailer is required. ●Reserve parts for a spreader require only one truck. ●We can produce triple-purpose (20, 30, and 40 ft) container spreaders for ferryboats.
Hoisted cargo, which tends to be at an incline, is levelled off in 5 sec.!
Our leveler levels off hoisted cargo, which tends to be at an incline, without any power source. Thanks to hydraulic pressure, the equipment levels off leaning cargo in just 5 sec. ●Unlike conventional cargo handling, the operator does not need to adjust wire length nor undergo trial and errors to level off the cargo. ●The work can be done safely and effectively while the operator is away from the cargo. ●Horizontally placed cargo can be leaned and hoisted. If the cargo needs to be inclined before being placed, its inclination can freely be changed while it is being hoisted. ●The leveler not only levels off cargo, but also freely leans it and places it on an inclined floor with remote controller operation.  





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