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Latest update: 04/07/2019 10:12:39

Itakura Factory Co., Ltd

Our company realizes high quality and short lead times by going through die design and production, press working, mass production, assembly, and inspection without stopping. We also excel at fabricating difficult-to-process materials such as high-tensile steel plates and planks. We accept small-lot orders. Please feel free to consult us. 

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Sales Pitch

Integrated production of high-precision dies and pressed products, covering from prototype making to the mass production phase
Our company manufactures prototype auto parts by conducting die design, die production, press working, and assembly in-house. Prototypes are our main products, so we became proficient at mass producing items in small and extremely small lots. We possess sufficient equipment for integrated handling of die production, press working, laser machining, and punching. 
Our company realizes high-quality uniform welding with robots, and proceeds with work by carefully managing the precision and the function of moving parts. Pressed articles and assembled articles are rigorously inspected using 3D measuring machines and image dimension measuring devices.
Our company also conducts assembly work such as welding and caulking of pressed products in-house. We possess non-contact 3D measuring machines. Welded sections are checked to the finest details with a microscope and delivered to the customer with measurement data attached. 
Strengths of Itakura Factory
Our company excels at parts related to automobile seats. High-tensile steel plates have evolved rapidly in recent years, and it is essential to ascertain if a plate can be fabricated into the intended shape. We believe we can help you with this. 
Die design and production: We will design, manufacture, trial manufacture and deliver articles using internal resources, whether it is a simple die for high-mix low-volume production or a single-shot or progressive die for mass production. We use 2D/3D CAD for analyzing manufacturing processes and die design, as well as CAE software for formability analysis. 
Press working: We can handle trial and mass production using self-developed dies with 800-ton, 500-ton, and 300-ton hydraulic presses and 200-ton, 110-ton, and 60-ton servo presses. We particularly excel at fabricating difficult-to-process materials such as high-tensile steel plates and planks as well as advanced drawing.

Laser and punch machining: This process reduces lead time as it does not require a blanking die beforehand. We have also introduced tools for ultra-precision laser micromachining and high-power laser machining to process materials such as soft steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. 



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[Certificates and Licenses]
ISO 9001; ISO 14001

[Transactions and Development with Major Companies]
We have delivered prototype parts and other items to auto part manufacturers such as Aisin Seiki, Toyota Boshoku, and Shiroki. 

[Representative’s Message]
Our company has shifted its business format to keep up with the changing times since its establishment. We moved from wooden mold production to press working products and then to die production. Our current main business is press working and assembly in high-mix small-lot production, but we try to maintain a flexible organization to cope with the changing times. 

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