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Agri-Light Lab. Inc.

We are an organization for researching "cultivation environments" and "evaluation methods" to fulfill your desire for "utilizing plants".

We are researching subjects such as those related to plant cultivation environments and the biological evaluation of plants (cultivation demonstration based on a request, contract-based research, and our own research).
In order for your company/organization to "utilize plants (for product or technology development)", we "check out articles to establish research methods (grasping the current situation and making a hypothesis)" and "conduct comparative cultivation tests (basic research, demonstration research, and the evaluation of plants as well as plant cultivation environments)". We do these in an "agronomic manner" in which we obtain data that can be presented to academic societies or in the form of articles. In addition, we support the creation of the meaning of the data. Through all these activities, we promote processes, which end with the establishment of grounds for industrial use, in a one-stop manner.

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Undertaking cultivation and analysis on a contract basis (conducting comparative tests under conditions such as the following: whether your company's product is used or not, plant cultivation environments are different with each other, or different varieties are cultivated)
We demonstrate cultivation in the designated environment or in environments in which a material developed by your company is used or not.
Basically, as the first step, we enter into a confidentiality agreement with you to start the cultivation demonstration. Furthermore, since we design tests, manage cultivation, and evaluate the living body in an agronomic manner, we are able to present the evaluation results in forms that can be used as academic reports (for example, they can be presented to academic societies or in the form of articles).
Examples of requests
-We would like to conduct an evaluation test for a plant. However, since we do not know any appropriate cultivation management method or evaluation method, we would like to ask Agri-Light Lab. Inc. to conduct the test.
-We would like to ask Agri-Light Lab. Inc. to conduct a comparative plant cultivation test so as to verify whether a material (such as a prototype lighting device or a prototype material), which can be a condition for plant cultivation, is effective or not. 
-We would like to carry out tests on plants. However, since we do not have any member/employee who is familiar with agronomy nor any evaluation equipment, we would like to ask Agri-Light Lab. Inc. to conduct the tests.
-We asked another company to conduct a test. However, there was a disagreement between us and the company in terms of schedule or the recognition of intellectual property. Accordingly, we would like to ask Agri-Light Lab. Inc. to calculate the man-hour cost and conduct the test according to our requests (such as a schedule).  
-By using obtained data, we would like to establish intellectual property (applying for a patent), make a presentation at an academic society, or write an article. However, we would like Agri-Light Lab. Inc. to perform statistical work, give opinions to us, and assist us in proceeding with the above task.
We research cultivation environments for purposes such as increasing the desired ingredients and the weight of the plant. 
We supervise the cultivation environment of your company so that tests will be continuously conducted in it.
We meet requests such as the following: "We are going to conduct a cultivation test according to a client's ideas and research, but we would like Agri-Light Lab. Inc. to judge whether the ideas are correct," and "we would like Agri-Light Lab. Inc. to evaluate our plants in real time."
Summarizing information and researching documents (articles): Specializing in agronomy
Researching documents, drawing up a list, and summarizing information
This is a service in which we collect and summarize (or examine) information dedicated to "the correlation between light and plants," "the impact of the growing environment," or "the non-destructive inspection and remote sensing of plants" to "correctly" and "swiftly" provide the desired information (patent retrieval is also enabled). 
We set keywords and select documents mainly from "academic articles," "bulletins and reports from examining bodies," as well as "patents in Japan." Then, we understand and summarize or examine the contents of useful documents, write a report, and submit it. 
Backed by the experience in selecting keywords related to "agricultural meteorology," which is a professional academic area of our company, and in collecting information related to the above, we provide you with information suitable for your purposes in a short delivery period.   
Please note that this service ends with the provision of a report. We do not provide the documents selected by us, but provide you with a reference document list (which may include information on URL). 
Examples of requests (in the past)
-In order to establish a growing environment for a kind of crop, we would like to understand the test design and research findings of research institutions in Japan.   
-We would like to understand research findings regarding response of plants to particular growing environments (such as exposure to light).
-In order to compile research and news stories about agronomy, we would like to know the peripheral technical information and comparative technology that we should consider.
-We suddenly need to carry out research, but we do not have time for it due to other tasks. Will Agri-Light Lab. Inc. do it in our place?
-We read academic articles on a daily basis. However, we need to carry out agronomic research which is not our field of specialization. Will Agri-Light Lab. Inc. carry out the research for us?
Satellite remote sensing for agriculture and aerial photography remote sensing which uses drones
Roles that include the evaluation of algorithms and plants for establishing agricultural systems which use satellite data as well as aerial photography data obtained from drones 
Technology for evaluating the cultivation of blue carbon
Establishing methods for evaluating eelgrass beds or the like (by using aerial photography data and evaluating sea truth) -> calculating the immobilized amount of carbon dioxide and spreading the methods and amount across the field of education  



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