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Latest update: 31/08/2021 17:48:47

Dai-ichi Kiden Co.,Ltd.

Leave it to us for high-frequency induction heaters, hot presses, and induction heaters

We are experts in heating equipment, and make timely proposals on devices that people need, in a market with ever-changing demands.

We are proud of our own serious approach to planning while paying close attention to marketability, in the process from development to sales.

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Overview of our business, products, technologies, etc.
Overview of our business and features
[Business overview]
We manufacture, develop, and supply custom-made devices based on heating technology to satisfy customer needs.

Our crystal growth equipment is delivered to research institutes such as universities and manufacturers of materials for electronic parts, and is used in to grow crystals such as lithium tantalate, sapphire, and SiC. 

We are also actively committed to developing new fields, such as sintering equipment based on high-frequency induction heating, and small hot stampers with short heat treatment times that combine our unique high-frequency heating technology with servo press technology.

[Our company's advantages]
Our core technologies are induction heating, electrical heating, resistance heating, and other heat sources, and we select optimal heating processes for various applications.

We also understand the characteristics of the load (heated object) and propose customized equipment configurations that take advantage of the features of the heating technology, such as equal heating, rapid heating, local heating, and zone heating.
Overview of main products and technologies
We mainly manufacture and sell industrial heaters, high-frequency power supplies, and other equipment, and we have a particularly high share in the field of single crystal growth equipment. 

We also develop and supply products based on our unique technology such as SiC inverter high-frequency power supplies and compact hot stampers with outstanding cost performance for high-tension CFRTP materials .
Message from the CEO
We make use of the high-temperature heating technology we have cultivated for many years to manufacture and sell everything from large industrial furnaces to delicate crystal growth equipment.

We have handled numerous cases of development and supplied unique products to meet various requests.

As a manufacturer of heating equipment, we will continue to aim for a better tomorrow by actively adopting high-efficiency conversion devices made of new materials, along with low-power materials, and will supply products geared to energy management, helping contribute to energy conservation and the environment of the future.

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