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Latest update: 17/02/2020 16:28:38

iXs Co., Ltd.

Our company develops and sells robots and AI data services mainly for social and industrial infrastructures.

We support the safety and security of people's lives technologically by mainly providing social and industrial infrastructures. There are products and services that can be realized only by IXS having technologies related to each of robots, AI, and Data Service.

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Infrastructure inspection robot (Wire-suspended visual inspection robot)
This robot is used for a wide range of visual inspections at high places, from the rear surfaces of bridge slabs to plant smokestacks. Wires are pitched horizontally between beams or vertically against smokestacks to allow horizontal and vertical movement. This method enables inspection without preparing temporary scaffoldings.
Operating environment
It is difficult to approach and visually inspect elevated parts of expressways or bridges in sections free of inspection paths; for example, the undersurfaces of girder floor slabs or the concrete surfaces of flashings.
We cannot perform visual inspection on smokestacks or vertical pipes of plants, etc., continuously without scaffoldings.
However, if a wire is prepared horizontally or vertically at such a place with a camera-mounted robot capable of running on the wire, data can be acquired continuously from inspection points.
Floor crack detection robot
This robot can acquire images of floor surface damage especially at major facilities (distribution warehouses, plants, buildings, etc.) simultaneously with position information to output them overlaid on structural drawings.
This robot supports the work of skilled workers who check and photograph floor surface damage at night when other work in the facilities is stopped.
•A travel distance measurement sensor is mounted on a wheel to indicate the timing of shooting.
•A red laser shooting range is displayed for visual confirmation.
•You can use a live camera on hand for shooting while checking the actual video.
•A laser guide is included for straight running.
•Damage data can be acquired with position information for overlaying on drawings.
•Damage judgment using AI reduces the time for inspection report creation.

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