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Latest update: 17/02/2020 16:28:39


We contribute to further business development as an information value creation company.

We were established as a community-based information value creation company that was mainly engaged in printing. Thanks to our customers, we were able to celebrate our 35th anniversary. In the communication field linking companies and consumers, we are expanding one-stop services capable of supporting advertising to marketing. We are aiming to provide total solutions. We always have our customers' perspectives in mind. For high cost effectiveness and efficiency, our company proposes the most optimum methods by making the most of not only the recent high-quality printing technology but also the trendy networking technology. We cover a wide range of fields from medium planning including an effective use of printing and the Internet to sales promotion planning and network-based online sales. We help you achieve your objectives.

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◆Business description
・Commercial printing; arts and book printing; clerical printing; package printing; logo production; calligraphic letter production (commercial calligraphy); portrait, illustration, and character  production; webpage; EC website production; Internet ad agency; e-book and e-catalog production; iPhone and iPad application production; digital signage
◆Web production system
■Gateway package
★Web strategy to expand the recognition of your company
For your company branding, it is important to acquire a lot of feedback for merchandise and services. For example, you need a mechanism to impress people with features of merchandise and services that you want to showcase on the web. Preparing many gateways leads to the expansion of awareness among people in a wide range of sectors. You should work out strategies and reflect them on your website to showcase merchandise and services to many people interested in them. Our company offers a "Gateway Package" that will help you.
■EC website
★Utilizing the Amazon platform
You cannot expect a good outcome immediately after the launch of an in-house online sales website. You may want to launch an online sales business or focus on it in future. To meet such needs, our company is expanding a proxy sales service for sales at the major EC website "Amazon". The EC package using the Amazon platform enables you to display your merchandise at your website easily. The package realizes sales at Amazon simultaneously with the operation of your own website.
■Landing page
★Arousing consumer interest with web flyers
On the web, it is essential to deepen the information expected by search users to allow pinpoint advertising. What is important here is LPO. LPO is for optimizing the page opened first by visitors from external websites such as search engines. This is comparable to a web flyer. Our company plans, creates, operates, and manages landing pages. We also provide a proxy Internet ad placement service.
◆Web consultation
■Analysis using Analytics
★Fixed-point observation of your own website
Once you have started operating a website, you must get an outcome commensurate with the investment. What is important here is the PDCA cycle. In other words, you should set a goal, keep making improvements, and take specific, step by step measures toward the goal. This may be difficult for actual management but comparatively easy on the web because backup data is available. We will support operation even after delivery to help customers achieve their goals.
■Website analysis
★Objective perspective analysis by specialist
It is difficult to check the level of your own website in comparison with competitors and the market. If you have such issues or concerns, our experienced experts can make accurate judgments after a full diagnosis. Our company has web consultants who have received professional training and are ready for customer website analysis. The first simplified diagnosis is free of charge. If you are interested, please feel free to consult us.
■Internet ads
★Internet ads with possibly the highest cost effectiveness
Internet ads are also called PPC ads and placed in conjunction with Google, Yahoo!, and other search engines. They can be placed at low cost. Our company is also an agency for Internet ads. We consider optimum plans by considering customer advertisement budgets to help them place ads efficiently and effectively.
◆Printing menu
■General printing
★One-stop service
We support all steps from editing to bookbinding, processing, label creation, pasting, sorting, packaging, sealing, and printing as a one-stop service. We will consolidate help centers to reduce the burden on customers. We will also set up a proper workflow by considering the content of each request.
■On-demand printing
★Even a single copy to be delivered immediately or on the day
Our company accepts orders for printed matter whether the lot size is large or small. We handle them quickly when required by customers.
・Sales promotion tools
 DM, flyers, pamphlets, catalogs, posters, business cards with photo, house organs, and guidance materials
・Company reference materials 
 Employee ID cards, reports, conference materials, minutes, work manuals, settlement reports, construction records, workshop texts, certificates of merit, and new employee training materials
・Public and private schools
 Lecture texts, exercise books, curricula, rosters, abstracts for academic meetings, papers, reprints of old literature, graduation albums, and certificates of merit
★Helping you give shape to your own book
You may want to share your own story using excerpts from your life or compile your workpieces and research results into a single book. We give shape to your mind.  Self-published printed matter has the capacity to convey a person's message widely, permanently, and deeply. Entrust us not only with personal histories but also with corporate anniversary magazines, booklets, and histories. Our experienced advisors on self-publication completely integrate planning, designing, data gathering, writing, bookbinding, and printing to meet requests for creating such books.
Representative's message
We have various information and data received from customers. When necessary, we provide them in the form and format desired as values that can be effectively used. That is the concept of an information value creating company that we, Sanno Plan Printing, are aiming at. With the knowhow we have accumulated so far, we will maximize every kind of information for use and support customers to achieve their business goals, make further developments, and improve communication effectiveness. We will contribute to customer businesses as a company that sets up win-win relationships between all parties, such as customers, vendors, and ourselves.

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