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Latest update: 01/10/2021 10:09:24

Satoda Chemical Industrial CO.,Ltd.

We contribute to society through surfactant technology

Our company is a fine chemical manufacturer that mainly provides surfactants for use in textile and papermaking fields.

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Sales Pitch

Surfactants for textile and papermaking fields
Chemical agents for textile processing
Our extensive product lineup includes scouring agents, dyeing acid, pH conditioner, dyeing auxiliaries, dye-fixing agents, decoloring agents, soaping agents, soft finishing agents, deodorizing agents, flame retardants, and so on. Our ability to offer suitable products for each textile dyeing process is a distinctive strength. These products can be delivered either in oil cans or one-ton containers. 
Agents for papermaking
Our main products in this field are fixing agents for inkjet printing, which add water resistance and chromogenic to the printing paper. Our lineup includes a wide variety of products based on customer use cases. We also offer deinking agents and softeners. We offer a fluorescence removal agent as our most distinctive product, which is highly valued by our customers. 



Other presentation

[Business Description and Characteristics]
Main Products: Our company develops, manufactures, and sells functional chemicals used in the textile processing and papermaking industries. These products are developed based on individual customer needs, and provided through high-mix low-volume production. 

Consignment production: Our company accepts orders for consignment production utilizing our manufacturing technology. We have manufactured plant growth promoters, wastewater treatment agents, and cosmetics, without limiting ourselves to the textile and papermaking fields. 

Manufacturing equipment: Our stock of manufacturing equipment includes units for hazardous materials. Our company is also a licensed cosmetics manufacturer.

[Outline and Use Case of Main Products, Technologies, and Services] 
Our company has a wide-ranging product lineup for the textile processing field. This includes scouring agents, dye-fixing agents, dyeing auxiliaries, soft finishing agents, flame retardants, deodorants, and other chemical agents. Our agents for cotton textiles have proven to be popular, and we can recommend a suitable product for each textile processing manufacturing phase (scouring, dyeing, finishing). 

We deal with niche products in the papermaking field, such as fixing agents that add water resistance and chromogenic in inkjet printing, as well as fluorescence removal agents. 

Our industrial chemical agents may not look familiar to general consumers, but they are widely used in textile products for apparel, interior, and bedding uses. They are also used in paper products such as printing paper and postcards. 

[Application for and Acquisition of Intellectual Property Rights (Patents, Utility Models, etc.] 
Effect and method of artificial nail raw material composition; artificial nail manufacturing method, and artificial nail (Japanese Patent No. 5636533, and Japanese No. 5475067) 

[Certificates and Licenses]
Cosmetics manufacturer’s license (Kyoto Prefecture, License No. 26CZ200046)

[Transactions and Development with Major Japanese Companies]
Our company has business relationships with Kurabo Industries, Shikibo, Tokai Senko, KB Tsuzuki, OG, Mitsubishi Paper Mills, Nippon Paper Industries, Daio Paper, Hokuetsu, and other companies. 

[Transactions and Development with Overseas Companies] 
Although it is not direct sales, our company exports some products to East and Southeast Asia through trading companies. We also used to have a technical tie-up with Hoechst AG in Germany. 

[Representative’s Message (market cultivation efforts, how J-GoodTech can be utilized, etc.)] 
Functional chemicals in the textile field have been our strong point since our establishment. We made use of such chemicals to develop other functional chemicals for the papermaking filed, and they both became our main products. These industries have long been in a difficult situation in Japan due to the offshoring of production and other factors. However, recently I have come to feel that the tide is changing. For example, eco- and human-friendly cotton textiles have reclaimed the spotlight as a result of advances in cultivation and processing technology. Paper is also recognized as a promising alternative material for solving the problem of waste plastic and microplastic. These global trends present great opportunities for Japan’s high-tech textile and papermaking industries. We will make the most of our resources in cultivating markets for existing products, and in developing new products to satisfy the needs of the times. We hope to make use of J-GoodTech to create businesses that contribute to society. 

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Kansai Head Office, SMRJ