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We manufacture and sell small high-temperature melting furnaces for harmful substances and equipment related to environmental conservation

We manufacture and sell small high-temperature melting furnaces for harmful substances and equipment related to environmental conservation. We always consider the living environment and the local environment, including environmental and contamination issues. Our aim is to create an Earth-friendly environment in which we can live comfortably. Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests.

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Business description and features of products and technology
Description and features of business
1. Manufacturing and sales of NK-1000 small high-temperature melting furnaces for harmful substances
2. Manufacturing and sales of flue gas treatment systems for neutralizing soot and smoke discharged from furnaces
3. Equipment related to environmental conservation
4. Reuse planning and consultation for discharged slag
5. General construction business (including installation of machinery and instruments)
Overview of main products and technology
We developed burners for blended fuel oil containing water and oil (emulsion combustion). You can maintain temperatures from 1450°C to 1800°C using fossil fuel and recycled oil. 
We will strive to provide support for environmental conservation from planning to construction in Japan and overseas. Our goal is to make use of our advanced technology and experience to be a company that contributes to the global environment.
Representative’s message (efforts for cultivating markets, utilization of J-GoodTech, and so on)
Environmental issues on a global scale are related to humanity in various ways such as global warming and population growth in addition to microplastics. One solution to these issues is zero emissions. We believe that at least countries with an advanced capitalist economic system are responsible for creating a recycling society. We assume that we can solve these environmental issues if we make changes to industrial structures focusing on reduce, reuse, and recycle, even if only gradually. We need to apply the 3Rs to control the amount of resources that become waste and treat resources that eventually became waste. The ultimate method is the melting and solidification business as well as high-temperature melting technology. Waste is not just waste. It was something that made people happy before being disposed of. We believe that changing the treatment business into the production business will be the door to an actual recycling society.

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