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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:11

Info Cubic Japan Co.,Ltd.

Multilingual digital marketing that connects Japan with the world. 

We propose optimal international digital marketing strategies and plans that offer medium-to-long-term support for your international digital strategy.  In addition to our in-house capability to handle more than 10 languages, we offer three main solutions, namely: “Multilingual digital advertisement,” which displays advertisements in the local language of different countries, “multilingual social media marketing,” which is having an increasing global impact, and “digital contents production,” which can be used to create websites and videos that optimize user experience based on the perspectives of international target users. We are a digital marketing company that specializes in multilingual work, and we have supported the international expansion of more than 500 companies using these three solutions. 

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Sales Pitch

Online assistance service “Onsta!” for English and Chinese
We are an online assistance service specializing in foreign languages. We support the business operations of companies suffering from a shortage of foreign personnel.
<Do you have these problems?>

You find working in English difficult. 
You want to efficiently conduct tasks in English without hiring foreigners. 
You want to achieve international-level quality. 

These problems can be solved only by requesting the service of our Japanese staff, 
who will organize a specialized native-speaker member of staff to work as your dedicated assistant. 
Multilingual support that can be implemented with ease
It will allow the easy implementation of multilingual measures by companies that are working toward “expansion of international business and market growth” and companies who are responding to “Chinese inbound tourism measures” aimed at tourists visiting Japan from the Chinese-speaking world, whose numbers are increasing ahead of 2020 Tokyo Olympics/Paralympics, even if they do not have an in-house system for working in foreign languages. 
Application examples
To review site companies, from the CEO and President

[Causes for concern]
We do not have international staff, and we do not have the budget to hire English-speaking staff; therefore we have requested your services. 

[Request content]
(1) Writing summary articles about available products in English.
(2) Posting these articles on Facebook.
(3) Compiling a list of delivery companies and making appointments with them. 

[Comments on the service.]
The result is simple, exactly what we requested, and easy to understand. 

Before, we were paying hourly wages to foreign interns or outsourced the task to freelancers abroad. But the quality of the result was not stable, and their commitment was very low, which caused us problems. 
Onsta! is reliable and easy to communicate with, and we will continue to use its service. 



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