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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:12


We are a software solution vendor that sells and supports both domestic and international software, including our own products. 

Our software solution offers strong support for key issues that are important in the security field, such as “data breach prevention,” “trail management,” “BCP measures,” and “internal audits.” Moreover, we develop services in coordination with our customers and offer development of made-to-order software that meets our customers' requests. 


Sales Pitch

Main software products
(In-house developed products)
A client-operated log administration software that can be used for effective management of acquired logs.  Its accurate log-collection capacity can acquire PC operation logs and other types of logs regardless of physical and thin client environments.  Moreover, the acquired PC operation logs can be effectively managed/used through the intuitive administration window. 
This is DLP software that controls access to external devices.  We have experience in providing over 400,000 devices to 5,800 companies in Japan. This tool has won the top market share in the external device control package business for four years in a row. 
ActiveImage Protector-RE/ActiveImage Deploy USB -RE
ActiveImage Protector-RE
This is an image backup tool for Windows servers/clients and Linux servers that can be used in both physical and virtual environments. In addition to the recovery of individual files and folders, it can perform recovery of an entire system, including the OS, in a single process. 
ActiveImage Deploy USB -RE
This is a computer kitting tool for system integrators and VAR/OEM that allows cloning using only a USB memory stick.  It can significantly reduce man-hours, time, and cost for the setup work done by engineers. 
Main business-alliance content
We prefer partnerships with manufacturers and system integrators who can integrate our software into your hardware or solutions and offer them as an ordinal brand. 
VAR, bundle
We prefer partnership with manufacturers and system integrators who can integrate and sell our software into their hardware or solutions. 
Major development achievements
Voice interaction type daily report systems
We have built a voice chat robot for recording daily work reports using speech at manufacturing sites, which enables information input by older staff or staff who are not familiar with IT. 
Image analysis server development
We have developed an API that can calculate the length of specified sections in an image using an image recognition technology that includes machine learning to automate the measurement of snow cornices on the roof of a specific facility. 
Business record systems utilizing cloud services
Combining existing cloud services has enabled digitization of tasks that were previously done with paper at a low cost and in short time. 

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