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Making everyone around us happy

Quality, delivery, and cost

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Sales Pitch

Auto part and equipment part manufacturing
Various types of die parts
Our main products are standard OEM die parts. The general tolerance of our die parts is 5 µm. We hope to apply this technology to maintain consistent precision in other products as well while constantly receiving orders for custom-made products. 
Inventory control
Our company has a high-mix low-volume production system. Products are manufactured one by one after an order is received, but we are very strict about delivery schedules as many of them are sold through catalogs. This is how our system can naturally handle short lead times.
Custom-made products
We handle a great variety of materials. We employ a suitable processing method for each material, including high-speed steel and S45C.

Other presentation

[Business Description and Characteristics] 
Our company plans, designs, and manufactures mostly standard die parts on an OEM basis, which are mainly sold by catalog. We also accept orders for high-precision products and design and manufacture jigs and tools in addition to our mass-produced items. 

[Outline and Use Case of Main Products, Technologies, and Services] 
High-precision processing of 5 µm or less is mostly conducted in-house. Our products include both round and square materials, and they are manufactured in different factories. 

[Transactions and Development with Overseas Companies]
Our Dalian Factoriy in China applies blanking to the works we use. Our other factories in Thailand, South Korea, and Vietnam also manufacture in the same way.
[Representative’s Message (market cultivation efforts, how J-GoodTech can be utilized, etc.)]
While our company currently operates mostly in China, for the past year or so, we have seen our customers shifting their operations to Vietnam. This is why we have to focus on Vietnam from now on and tie up with the local companies while delivering products to those customers’ local subsidiaries as well as to customers in Japan. Otherwise, we cannot succeed in the competition. We will work hard to explore opportunities in Vietnam, including market cultivation. 

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