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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:52

Saito Mold Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Our Mold Manufacturing Technology is One of the Best in Japan

Our company manufactures and designs plastic injection molds and moldings and handles mold manufacturing to molding entirely in-house. We can respond flexibly to customer requests for mold making, plastic parts processing, and assembly.

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Our Strengths
Integrated Production System from Molding to the Delivery of Finished Products
We have a flexible order and production system to meet the needs of our customers.
1. Mold fabrication to mold delivery
Mold design -> Mold fabrication -> Trial molding -> Mold delivery
2. Mold fabrication to delivery of molded products
Mold design -> Mold fabrication -> Molding process and inspection -> Delivery of molded products
3. Mold fabrication to delivery of the finished products
Mold design -> Mold making -> Molding process -> Sub-assembly and inspection -> Delivery of sub-assembled products
Mold design -> Mold fabrication -> Molding process -> Finished product assembly and inspection -> Delivery of finished products
4. Injection molding process using molds supplied by the customer
Extensive Lineup of Manufacturing Equipment to Handle Various Molded products
1. Molding machines of 50 to 550 tons are on standby. 
2. Ready to handle any quantity from small-lot production to 24-hour mass production.
Prompt and Accurate Response by Experienced Staff
・Mold design
1. Our knowledge of molds and injection molding helps us discuss the mold specifications, consequently reducing the number of trials.
2. Mold design is refined by our accumulated know-how.

・Mold fabrication
1. State-of-the-art processing machines achieve high machining accuracy.
2. High-precision die assembly and adjustment capabilities made possible by years of experience and advanced technology

・Injection molding
1. Transparent products such as PMMA and PC are processed with a dedicated machine for transparency to improve quality.
2. We are also skilled in metal insert molding, and some of us are trying automatic insert molding.

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