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Latest update: 18/11/2019 17:02:19

Toho Dentan Co., Ltd.

You will find our company's technology wherever there is water

We have been developing and manufacturing equipment for measuring natural phenomena since our foundation. Currently we are mainly committed to water resources. We engage in all activities ranging from development to sales and maintenance of equipment for investigating and monitoring the nature and condition of water in seas, rivers and streams, lakes and swamps, underground, and other locations.


Sales Pitch

Presentation of our enterprises, products, and technologies
Business content and features
Instead of sampling water, you can put a sensor in the water and quantify water quality (determine whether it is good or bad) on a real-time basis. We also constantly monitor the water quality and other characteristics of water reservoirs. This is how we play an important role in each stage of water quality environment preservation, including problem identification, mechanism elucidation, and action control. We have expertise with turbidity meters, salt content meters, electrical flow velocity meters, electromagnetic flow velocity meters, and other equipment. All this makes it possible to take measurements to serve various purposes.
Overview of products and technologies
Automatic water quality meters are designed for turbidity, water temperature, electrical conductivity, DO, pH, UV, chlorophyll a, and water depth. They can be used with various methods of observation according to the location and purpose. The water quality meters we handle include turbidity water temperature sensors and electrical conductivity sensors. They catch even minor temperature changes accurately and quickly. Automatic salt content meters do not undergo polarization phenomena where dirt sticks to the electrodes with molecule movement. There is hardly any error in measurement due to electrode dirt. These groundbreaking meters are not vulnerable to surrounding structures or electroconductive objects. Meteorological and oceanographic meters are adaptable to all measurement items: wave height, wave direction, tide level, flow direction, flow velocity, wind direction, wind velocity, air temperature, air pressure, humidity, visibility, water temperature, water depth, turbidity, and salt content.
Toward matching
Our group has been watching over the outdoor water environment as a bridge between people and nature.

During this time, people have turned water, which used to be considered abundant, into a limited resource. They have now become aware that this imposes an excessive burden on themselves, and also on all forms of life in the natural environment. People are beginning to make a major change in their understanding of the importance of water resources.

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