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Experts in supporting the implementation of robot systems

This is Robot Sler. We analyze issues at installation sites, and offer design and manufacturing, as well as post-delivery support provision. We are a member of the Japan Factory Automation & Robot System Integrator Association, and we aim to lead the future of FA/robotics industry with our corporate philosophy of “connected engineering.”

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Sales Pitch

We offer proposals for “optimal shapes” that meet our customers’ needs.
We aim to achieve high quality and cost competitive products that are made from the viewpoints of professionals that have achieved a number of labor-saving initiatives, offering more than just functionality and performance.
As a system integrator that offers “the most advanced technologies, best services and the strongest technology mix,” we respond to requests for FA, robots and production equipment, and even for single piece orders of jig tools.
Design comprises the “foundation” of manufacturing. We provide design proposals that leverage our experience with major manufacturers and the latest examples.
We provide consistent processing technologies from five production sites, located in Japan and overseas.
Based on our 30 years of experience in the business and in purchasing, we ensure high quality and low cost.
At the same time, we can meet your requests by offering medium-specification processing that is comparatively inexpensive.
Should there be any trouble, we will respond quickly.
In our manufacturing processes, we pay particular attention to detail in areas such as wiring and piping.
Owing to this, should any failure occur, we will be able to identify and solve it immediately.
Our commitment to high quality has led to the establishment of our “Quality Assurance Department.”
We have a large number of tools, in addition to parallel pins (jig tools) and aluminum frames to help improve precision.



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