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Latest update: 14/04/2023 08:30:15

Kurita Cheesecloth Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Niche top manufacturer of leno weave fabrics and their processed products.

Our company plans, develops, and manufactures Cheesecloth fabrics (coarse plain weave fabrics) under an integrated system, including various kinds of processing. We have been manufacturing agricultural cheesecloth since our establishment. We also provide customers with bedding fabrics, industrial fabrics, and Cheesecloth  fabrics. Our company manufactures high-quality characteristic products that are friendly to the global environment. Feel free to consult us about anything. Our newly developed KT sound absorber and Shajinshi products are based on completely new concepts.

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Sales Pitch

KT sound absorbers
Reducing unwanted indoor noise!
Our KT sound absorbers have a beautiful, rugged three-dimensional appearance with basically diamond patterns. We can also manufacture products with loop and other patterns.

KT-P type products have coverings made of artificial leather (PVC) for a luxurious appearance. They greatly remove low-frequency sound by panel (or membrane) absorption effect.
KT-Q type products have coverings made of polyester cloth. They greatly remove high-frequency sound by pore absorption effect.  Products can be selected by considering noise frequencies, but they can also be used together.
Very strong composite paper integrated from leno weave fabric and Japanese paper
This product has a two-layer structure integrated and combined from leno weave fabric and Japanese paper by using special technology. Despite the composite structure the paper is only about 0.23 mm thick like Japanese paper alone.

This Shoji Paper (product for Japanese sliding doors)maintains the features of Japanese paper such as brightness, breathability, and moisture conditioning. However, the paper has very great tear resistance and is not torn easily.

We provide products with a Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Our products do not contain harmful substances because adhesives are not used for integrating and combining the leno weave fabric and Japanese paper.
Very thin leno weave fabric
Hakuyosha is a gray leno weave fabric halved in thickness by calender processing. This fabric is very strong and thin, so it can be used to reinforce plaster board joints and repair wall cracks. This reduces the consumption of coating materials. We also provide laminated and integrated products of nonwoven cloth and film.







Other presentation

[Business and Features]
Our philosophy is to speedily proceed with product development from drafting to prototyping.

[Main Products, Technology, Merchandise, and Services]
Our company manufactures and sells cheesecloth for architectural and industrial uses, adhesive products, and agricultural cheesecloth. We also manufacture horticultural cheesecloth for DIY stores. Our business includes bedding material manufacturing and wholesaling.

Cheesecloth is a plain weave fabric, which is a coarse plain weave fabric. It is applicable to various uses as industrial and agricultural materials.

[Intellectual Property (Patents, Utility Models, etc.)]
Composite sheet combined and integrated from fabrics and sheet structures and combining method (Japanese Patent Registration No. 5859699); method of manufacturing flame-retardant sound absorbing materials (Japanese Patent Registration No. 6153220); five other patents

[Certificates and Licenses]
ISO 9001:2015

[Awards and Media]
The 13th Cho-Monodzukuri Part Award 2016, Encouragement Prize, for Hakuyosha and its composite products; The 14th Cho-Monodzukuri Part Award 2017, Encouragement Prize, for KT sound absorbers; MONOZUKURI Nippon Conference; Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun; Nihon Keizai Shimbun, about the new products mentioned here (June 2016)

[Transactions and Development with Major Companies]
Toyobo STC Co., Ltd.; Kuraray Trading Co., Ltd.; Nisshin Towa Iwao, Inc.

[Representative's Message]
Our company has newly developed KT sound absorbers and Shajinshi products. We plan to cultivate markets in Japan and abroad to promote their sales. We will make use of J-GoodTech to showcase these new products and promote their sales.

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