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Latest update: 17/02/2020 16:28:41

Ikeda Syakyo Seisakujyo Co., Ltd.

Surface treatment utilizing cutting-edge technology!

Ikeda Shakyo Co., Ltd. owns many original line barrels for plating and is constantly striving to meet customer requests.
We have automatic and manual lines and use them flexibly according to the product shape, size, and quantity.

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Outline of business, products, and technology
Business description and features
Our company was established in Omori, Ota City 80 years ago. Now, our company is located in Keihinjima, next to Haneda Airport and is a member of Chuo Electroplaters Cooperative Association. We plate precision parts by a method called barrel plating. Our company acquired certifications for both ISO9001 and 14001. Our staff includes five class-1 platers and two class-2 platers. We have young staff who are working actively. We conduct gold and silver plating on electronic parts such as connectors and switches, tin plating on automotive parts and electric home appliance parts, and electroless nickel plating on industrial parts. Our company receives requests from many customers all over the country and has as many as 17,000 registered items with the production management system. We are good at handling mass production to high-mix low-volume production. We manage processing records and inspection data with a server to strengthen traceability. Under guidance from an automotive part manufacturer and a connector manufacturer, we became able to provide stable quality at high speed achievable only by a small company and with appropriate space. Therefore, comparatively large customers are now being introduced more frequently.
Outline of main products and technology
[First Factory: Barrel printing] Gold and silver plating (connectors, switches, and other electronic parts), tin plating (automotive battery terminals, electric home appliance parts, etc.), nickel plating (connectors, screws, etc.), electroless nickel plating (smart meter and circuit breaker parts, etc.), nickel boron plating (high voltage contact, etc.), copper plating (automotive parts, etc., first plating), chemical polishing, degreasing, passivation, barrel polishing
[Second Factory: Barrel printing] Fully-automatic exclusive copper and tin plating lines for automotive battery terminals
[Partner company] Suspended plating (nickel, electroless nickel, black nickel, nickel chromium, hard chromium, black chromium, gold, glossy tin, matte tin, copper, trivalent chromate, trivalent black chromate, trivalent unichrome, anodized aluminum, chromated aluminum), barrel printing (trivalent chromate, trivalent black chromate, trivalent unichrome, matte nickel, glossy tin, copper, trivalent chromium), electropolishing, chemical polishing, barrel polishing, thermal treatment, tapping
Representative's message
In the Keihinjima area of Ota City where Ikeda Shakyo Co., Ltd. is located, there are many SMEs conducting high-level surface treatment. Although we do not have enough opportunities to introduce their technical capabilities, we still want many people to know about them through J-GoodTech. Please feel free to consult us if you have any trouble regarding surface treatment. If we cannot handle a certain kind of processing but our partner can, we will introduce you to our partner. We will do our best to meet your requests.

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