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Latest update: 21/04/2021 13:32:16

Koyudo Co., Ltd.

The manufacture and sale of various in-house brand and OEM brushes

We make use of traditional Kumanofude handicrafts that have been around since the Edo Period to manufacture and sell Kumanofude makeup brushes with innovative designs and cute themes while maintaining the traditional manufacturing method. We engage in the wholesale of the NB products “KOYUDO collection” and OEM manufacturing of cosmetics.

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Sales Pitch

Our products, high quality makeup brushes and Kumano brushes
Features of our makeup brushes
Conventional makeup brushes only used the hair of one type of animal, such as a goat, while our company selects and combines hair with qualities that suit makeup, such as softness, from the hair of approximately 50 types of animals, and that can be used for calligraphy brushes.
There is a manufacturing method in which the tips of the hair at the neck of makeup brushes are not cut and a manufacturing method in which such hair tips are cut. Our company is particular about not cutting the hair tips to achieve the finest texture.
A two-stage inspection process has been established with inspections at the plant and a final inspection by brush artisans, which means that we only supply high-quality makeup brushes that are acceptable to brush artisans.

We have also added the value of “cute” to our product making, so we are incorporating a new value that breaks with tradition.
OEM (original equipment manufacturer) production
With a focus on OEM for cosmetics manufacturers, we aim to actively expand our products and proposals to make the most of our original technology.
Factory tour
You can visit Koyudo Co., Ltd., Makeup Brush Workshop to view the processes from manufacturing to quality management, so you can learn how the makeup brushes are made. You can learn the secrets of soft skin and cute design.

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