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Latest update: 21/05/2021 11:23:32

Kyowaseiko Corporation

The development and manufacture of custom brakes, as well as the manufacture of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and precision machined parts for medical equipment

We supply customized brakes primarily for OA equipment, industrial robots, welfare vehicles, and electric wheelchairs.
In addition, we are adept at precision processing for semiconductor manufacturing machines and medical equipment, and offer the processing of large parts and palm-size parts with quick delivery.

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Business classification
Brake development/manufacturing
Our brake systems are produced by incorporating the desires of our customers on a company-by-company basis.
Brake systems produced by major manufacturers have uniform configurations, which requires users to disassemble these products when fabricating sizes and thicknesses, making quality assurance difficult. Conversely, we provide brake systems that are customized to our customers’ needs, which enable them to incorporate the brake systems into their products as-is, helping to maintain product quality.
In addition, we took three years to develop the brake systems that are used in microscope equipment for brain surgeries as these brake systems must be noiseless so as not to disturb the concentration of the physicians. As such, we have established a high-mix low-volume production system for customized brake systems, including design and development processes.
Precision parts processing
We are adept at parts processing that requires high precision, used in semiconductor manufacturing machines, medical equipment and similar.

Processing of large parts and palm-size parts
(Maximum of 1800 mm x 900 mm supported)
Achieving quick delivery by consolidating facilities and processes.
Our finish-less method ensures consistently high-quality processing
Using the technological skills that we have cultivated in parts processing equipment and brakes, we offer contracting for complete sets.
We can make whole units by engaging in all manufacturing processes, not only parts processing, sometimes even all the way from the design stage to processing and assembly.

One example is our earthquake/tsunami recorders that have been placed at more than 150 locations around the Japan Sea.
Earthquake/tsunami recorders play an important role in the immediate delivery of accurate earthquake information to interested parties, with the earthquake sensor, the core component of earthquake/tsunami recorders, detecting the shaking. Manufacturing earthquake/tsunami recorders requires advanced technological skills to ensure that the devices can withstand the harsh conditions of being deployed at 8000 m below sea level for 25 years.
In the space industry, we have achievements in undertaking the design, processing and assembly of metal melting test devices that have been installed in the International Space Station.

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