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Latest update: 13/01/2021 14:27:10

Kokusai Spring Co., Ltd.

Everything we do is for our customers. Manufacturing that is novel and reliable. 

International Spring Co., Ltd., supports product development for our customers with our spirit of exploration and technological ability, particularly through our flexible tube and precision sheet-metal processing.  If you have any problem, we will offer you heartfelt support. 

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Business content/features
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• Flexible tube
• Precision sheet metal

• Small and light flexible tube
  The flexible tubes made by International Spring Co., Ltd., are smaller and lighter than conventional products. By applying spring technology, we have also achieved better holding.  Its high quality has been drawing attention internationally, and it is used in many products including medical products and automobile accessories. 

• Precision sheet metal where our technical ability shines through. 
  We conduct our production using cutting-edge technologies such as automatic computer development program systems and use advanced processing technologies, including difficult aluminum welding techniques. Our customers say that "when we need welding, we always go to International Spring."
Appealing points
• Flexible tube
  A flexible tube that can be bent in any way you want. It is also known as flexible gooseneck, flexible shaft, flex and flexible hose. 
Familiar examples include microphone arms on headsets, support for LED lights and supports for medical devices.
The flexible tubes made by International Spring use metal that has been quenched evenly in a salt bath. Through unique utilization of our long years of experience in spring production, we have improved their quality. 
They do not generate strange sounds or friction noise even after 5000 bend test, and their flexibility also remains intact. Their quality has been highly praised by many customers. In addition to being smaller and lighter than existing products, they have earned good reviews for the way they can be bent into any desired shape, and then hold that shape very well.

• Precision sheet metal
  We produce small lot products with advanced processing methods using C1 multifunction machines, die-cutters, and laser processing machines. 
In addition to the utilization of cutting-edge technologies, such as automatic expansion program systems for computers, we produce original jigs to fit individual materials and shapes if necessary.
We are particularly confident in our welding technology. We always have more than three artisans who can perform aluminum welding, which is known to be difficult. 
We can also accommodate aluminum welding using capacitor-type spot welders.
In addition to our sheet-metal processing, we can determine specifications and develop devices based on discussion with our customers.  We have earned high praise from our customers due to our integrated production that includes design, processing, assembly and performance testing. 
We mainly manufacture parts for electric golf carts, communication devices, information devices, semiconductor manufacturing machines and domestic devices.  We produced diverse made-to-order products, including "weed removal forks," "food strainers," and "sugar cane juice extractors."
Please feel free to make an inquiry.
Message from the representative
International Spring Co., Ltd., was established in 1961. We started as a specialized manufacturer of springs. 
Subsequently, we began to develop as a specialized manufacturer throughout the 1980s, and started to manufacture products other than springs, such as audio equipment, information and communication equipment, and industrial machines, to accommodate the requirements of our customers. This ensured our further development and accomplishments. 
We use the latest technology and facilities to accommodate the entire process of manufacturing these products, including design, processing and assembly.  We engage with manufacturing by following our motto: "All for the customers. Manufacturing that is novel and reliable."
What is required in the 21st century is product manufacturing that is in harmony with people, society, and the environment.  We will dedicate all of our energy to the pursuit of technologies that will be truly useful in the future, and we will continue to make our greatest efforts to create a more comfortable environment through our products. 

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