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Latest update: 12/04/2023 08:10:18

Rubycon Engineering Co., Ltd.

We contribute to society through the development and manufacture of superior original technology and products

We manufacture automatic equipment for manufacturing capacitors, electronic parts, medical equipment, information and communications equipment, automotive parts, and other manufacturing equipment and automated labor-saving equipment. We provide high-quality products that produce results exceeding expectations through labor-saving, manpower-saving, speed, etc., at low cost and in a short delivery time.

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Various manufacturing devices
Battery manufacturing equipment
 We work on automated equipment for manufacturing batteries such as lithium-ion batteries, making use of the technology for highly precise winding of delicate materials that we have cultivated through the production of capacitor manufacturing equipment.
Our battery manufacturing equipment has the following three main features. First, we use an electronic cam mechanism to support high speed and a wide variety of products. Second, we design and manufacture with consideration for contamination. Third, we use various functional materials for the performance improvement of our equipment.
Our company boasts a delivery record of more than 40 years in this field too, and we continue to deliver equipment that incorporates our accumulated know-how.
Medical device manufacturing equipment
We manufacture automatic assembly equipment for medical devices, such as extremely high-precision polishing machines for injection needles, and manufacturing equipment for infusion-related products, etc.
Our theme is to think together with our customers about issues facing them to realize automation and labor saving. In particular, the nature of the device requires a high level of risk management, so together with our customers who bring medical devices to the market, we are working to get a deeper understanding of the ideals required of the devices and to satisfy those ideals.
Automotive parts manufacturing devices
We work on assembly equipment for automobile sensors and molding processing equipment for aluminum pipes.
By combining customer know-how with our automation technology, we have achieved high renown in this field. We are also working on a motor-driven dimension change mechanism and modular design equipment so we can easily accommodate different sizes.



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