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APN Co., Ltd.

Our company supports circuit design and board design all the way to mounting and assembling as a one-stop service and contributes to the reduction of customer's management costs.

Please feel free to contact us for inquiries, consultations, and quotations on PC board designing, manufacturing, and mounting.

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Outline of business, products, and technology
Business description and features
Our company provides complete support regarding the development of printed circuit boards. Our company designs boards and our partner is in charge of circuit, software, and board manufacturing. Therefore, we can select an optimum board and mounting method according to the circuit characteristics. As to cost, our professional sales staff provides consultation services. We can deal with prototyping to mass production and meet customer needs by using a combined procurement route in and outside Japan. We can solve various issues about making printed circuit boards small, as well as designing analog, digital, and analog-digital circuits.
Outline of main products and technology
Our company designs various analog, digital, and analog-digital boards, such as through boards (single-sided to multi-layered), build-up boards, FPCs, copper and aluminum boards, and part built-in boards. We have a proven track record of designing boards for a wide range of fields, such as industrial equipment, consumer equipment, medical equipment, automotive equipment, amusement-related equipment, FA equipment, and OA equipment. Our company is a technical group that designs printed circuit boards. We design boards for customers in a wide range of fields and industries. We provide both proposal- and consultation-type design services. Our strength lies in designing by engineers who are well versed in manufacturing processes, from prototyping to mass production. We can provide total support for circuit design and software design, as well as printed circuit board design.
Toward matching
Our company can support all processes from circuit design and software design to board design, machine design, and all processes concerning manufacturing, mounting, and assembling. Therefore, for any process, we can meet customer requests as a one-stop service. Being a one-stop service greatly contributes to the reduction of customer labor and management cost. Of course, we can also perform individual processes, such as board design and machine design. You can consult us for anything concerning development, manufacturing, prototyping, and mass production or high-mix low-volume production. Please entrust anything concerning PC boards to us.

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