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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:22:09


We manufacture and sell rubber and plastic extrusion molders and cable coating equipment

We integrate all our technologies for extrusion molding, cable-manufacturing machinery, and information processing control to realize systematization, full automation, and labor saving.

We are actively engaged in R&D to provide high-performance, high-precision, energy-saving, low-cost manufacturing systems.

We also ensure thorough company-wide quality control to speedily supply valuable products and services.

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Rubber extruders
We can supply rubber extruders with stable discharge rates by designing the heads and screws according to your requirements, and having our skilled technicians machine them. This is done by making use of our technical expertise based on the wealth of experience we have been cultivating for many years since our foundation, as well as our database of previous tests and Brabender Viscograph, capillary rheometer, and other measuring instrument data.

We make proposals for a wide range of extruders, including general-purpose rubber extruders such as non-vented rubber extruders and vented rubber extruders, pin-type rubber extruders, rubber sheet extruders, and extruders with gear pumps.

Our products are highly acclaimed on various hose-manufacturing lines in the automotive industry.
Plastics extruders
We make use of our extensive experience, technical capabilities, and data from capillary rheometers and other measuring instruments to provide plastics extruders with stable discharge volume by designing the head and screw designs in-house and having our skilled technicians process them to meet customer requirements.

Gear pumps, sizing water tanks, and other equipment can be used to achieve extrusion with very high precision.

Even for materials that are difficult to handle, we can design and supply optimal screws by conducting tests in advance.
Cable coating equipment
With a lineup of both plastics extruders and rubber extruders, we can handle both plastic cable sheathing and rubber cable sheathing.

We have developed our own small binders, and our highly flexible and compact binders and preheaters that follow velocity changes automatically are popular for their ease of use.

We have an extensive track record in this field, from very thin wires for office automation to thick power cables.

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