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Latest update: 11/05/2023 18:08:04

NAC Corporation

We are a manufacturer of household medical devices that care for a healthy and comfortable life.

With the theme of "natural health methods" that can be comfortably and long-lasting in daily life since our founding, our desire is to help enhance the natural healing power of humans, regain the vitality of the body, and bring that power out in daily life through our products.


Sales Pitch

Magnetic therapy device
Permanent magnetic therapy device for home use
Since it has obtained medical device certification (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) for permanent magnetic therapy devices for home use, it can claim efficacy and effect "improvement of stiffness and blood circulation at the wearing site".
By alternating the N pole S pole of the permanent magnet, the magnetic field lines attract each other, and the magnetic force acts widely.
Electric quilt
By eliminating the power cord and making the controller smaller and lighter, we were able to integrate the potential therapy device into the quilt.
There is no need to worry about your feet getting caught in the cord or trouble involving the cord.
As a medical device, it claims to be effective "relief of headaches, stiff shoulders, insomnia, and chronic constipation".
Since it is a dry battery type, there is almost no electromagnetic wave emitted from this product, so it is safe and secure.

Other presentation

Since we first obtained approval for magnetic therapy devices from the Ministry of Health and Welfare (now the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) in 1975, as a specialized manufacturer of household medical devices, all of the healthcare products we design and create are aimed at "long-lasting" as a habit that blends into a safe and comfortable life, and to promote health that naturally acquires itself.

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