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Latest update: 28/06/2021 14:52:30

ATTO Corporation.

A homegrown company that assists life sciences: Monozukuri craftsmanship with a focus on unique technology

ATTO is a developer, manufacturer, and distributor of scientific research equipment mainly for analyzing proteins and nucleic acids, measuring biochemical luminescence, and other purposes. Our equipment is used in scientific research both in Japan and abroad.
We also manufacture germ-free, contamination-free liquid feed pumps, technology for measuring microbial/chemical gas output and measuring low-luminescence reference light sources. We engage in Monozukuri craftsmanship with a focus on unique technology and products. 
We were founded in response to advice from up-and-coming biochemists in 1964, when the first Shinkansen bullet train line was put into commission and the first Tokyo Olympics took place. We welcomed our 56th anniversary in 2020.
We named ourselves ATTO after the designation of the unit expressing ten to the -18th power. With this as the region that we should target, we will continue our R&D in trace quantity analytic technology.

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Sales Pitch

Biotech-related technology for feeding germ-free, contamination-free liquid, technology for measuring microbial/chemical gas output, and technology for measuring trace-quantity luminescence reference light sources
We provide solutions for assembling intelligent pumps with flow rates as high as the mL order
We supply a Smart Liquid Delivery System (S-LDS) based on the high-performance ATTO Perista Quantum Pump.

*The Perista pump (commonly known as a "peristaltic pump") is a pump for feeding liquid by squeezing its soft tube with rollers. The solution does not contact anything other than the tube, so it feeds liquid while remaining germ-free and contamination-free.

S-LDS is a system consisting of a two-port solenoid valve in the secondary (output) tube of a Perista Quantum Pump, where the solenoid valve is controlled with special-purpose control software to dispense the liquid.

(1) The flow rate can be set between 0.01 and 13 mL/min.
(2) The feed rate can be set for each of three flow channels with special-purpose control software.
(3) Delivery calibration, tube bubble detection, and tube cleaning are possible.
(4) The part in contact with liquid is metal-free, enabling germ-free feeding.
(5) Pump behavior can be easily set with special-purpose control software equipped with a long-term calendar.
(6) Highly chemical-resistant tubes and tubes that can be disinfected are also available.

*Independent of liquid types, making it possible to build a high-precision delivery system.
*Delivery rates can be set in increments of a milliliter for each channel.
*Delivery rates in special-purpose control software can be set in an Excel spreadsheet.

[Main target markets]
(1) Drug manufacturing lines
(2) Food production lines
(3) Nutrition-rich delivery to plants, etc.

[Marketable products]
Custom-made Perista Quantum Pumps
Disclosure of external control parameters
Special-purpose operating instructions
Technical documents
Service follow-up
Other consultation, etc.

Perista® is a trademark of ATTO.
Fermograph: An automatic measuring system for fermentation monitors/multi-specimen gas output
[Product overview]
This system automatically measures gas output from microbial fermentation, chemical reactions, or the like at a specified interval.
For example, it efficiently simultaneously measures microbial fermentation abilities, medium (base) composition, and fermentation conditions of yeast or other microbes for many specimens. 

Microbe-related: Bread dough, alcohol brewing, miso and soy sauce, food corruption and deterioration, bioethanol, methane, hydrogen gas, etc. 
Chemical reaction-related: Food expanders (BP), foaming agents, bath agents, detergents, drugs, etc.

[Main uses]
Changes in gas output from microbes can be an important indicator for their metabolism and activity. This system can be used to cultivate useful new microbial strains, producing yeast and bread, quality control in brewing and other operations, exploring optimal medium composition or fermentation conditions, and various other applications.
The system is also applicable to evaluating the performance and quality (such as gas output, and its duration and timing) of foamable materials.

[Main features]
(1) Gas outputs can be measured simultaneously for up to 20 samples.
(2) Measurement of total gas outputs, gas outputs at different time intervals (gas rise and gas generation velocity), gas rates in bread dough, etc.
(3) Measuring intervals: 5 to 120 minutes at increments of minutes (5, 10, 15, 30, 60, and 120 minutes); 5 to 120 seconds at increments of seconds (5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 120 seconds)
(4) Volume conversion of gas rates with thermal sensors in the system
(5) Measurements are exportable in CSV format.
(6) Specimen bottle capacity 225 mL (the dough is equivalent to 20 g of flour).

Our first Fermograph was developed under the guidance of the National Food Research Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (today's Food Research Department of the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization), and was awarded the 2001 Award for a Person of Distinguished Services to the Promotion of Science and Technology (Award from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology).
Reference light sources for absolute photon number measurement
[Product overview]
The system does not give relative light intensity as compared with the low light intensity from chemiluminescence (CL), bioluminescence (BL), or the like, so you can use absolute light intensity in terms of photons.

[Main uses]
(1) Calibrating the detection sensitivity of imaging systems equipped with a CCD/CMOS camera
(2) Periodically checking the sensitivity of femto W-level chemiluminescence/bioluminescence meters
(3) Measuring power generation efficiency by electroluminescence (EL) photography with solar batteries
(4) Assessing the color sensitivity (wavelength sensitivity) of measuring equipment, etc.
Our system applies to various stages of development and quality assessment of optical products.

This technology has been commercialized with the assistance of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and The Institute for Solid State Physics (The University of Tokyo).

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