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We are IT advisers that solve automation problems and that applies for subsidies on our customers’ behalf.

We solve your troublesome tasks and problems with IT, and we can also apply for subsidies and grants on your behalf.  We prepare manuals with videos and pictures that can be read on a smartphone for international staff, and we provide RPA that automates routine computer tasks. 

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We solve problems preventing automation using IT
Support business for IT-introduction subsidies
Best Planner, LLC., offers total support for productivity improvement at small- and medium-sized enterprises through the use of IT, including applications for IT implementation subsidies, delivery, and acquisition. We are certified as an “IT coordinator” in Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture and certified as a “Smart SME supporter” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

We support applications for IT implementation subsidies and grants with an IT perspective.
We are an IT implementation support company that has been continuously winning IT implementation subsidy since 2017. As we have won many major subsidies/grants (Monozukuri craftsmanship subsidy, IT implementation subsidy, small-scale enterprise continuation subsidy, career-up grant, grant for improving overtime work (introduction course for interval between shifts), and grant for medical service at small-scale enterprises and industries), we have acquired the expertise required for their applications. 

The IT tools required for the subsidies and grants can be maintained remotely. 
If your computer is connected to the Internet and the remote maintenance software is installed, our maintenance staff can operate your computer after you share with us an "ID and Password" that change each time you log in.  (PC maintenance support)

Reasons why Best Planner, LLC. has been selected for IT implementation subsidy. 
We can organize software, hardware, and circuitry (infrastructure). 
The fact that we are certified as a "Smart SME supporter" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is an advantage. 
The IT tools that we are using such as “Cloud” and “RPA,” which the national government promotes, also get extra points. 
We have staff who have national qualifications as IT coordinators. 
We have business model patents.
We have experience in applying for and receiving subsidies and grants ourselves. 
We are an IT implementation support company that has been continuously winning IT implementation subsidies since 2017; therefore, we have acquired the required expertise. 
We have developed and offer original services (Star Series) that other companies cannot provide. 
We provide carefully selected IT tools that we have been using, in addition to our own products. 
Hirata, our representative, has 20 years of experience in the communications industry. 
“Manustar“ creates manuals and procedures with foreign language translations, viewable through photos and videos
Features of our manual/procedure documentation preparation and substitution service
You do not have the time to prepare manuals and procedure documents during your office hours. Manustar is here to solve this problem. 

Our mission is to reduce the workload of management/executives/team leaders, to strongly support companies in making their international staff/part-time workers/new employees instantly work-ready, and to increase the number of personnel whose full potentials have been realized. 

Instant translation from Japanese into 102 foreign languages.
As the number of foreign workers in Japan is increasing, we are focused on manuals that can be viewed on smartphones, instead of printed on paper. 
A change in communication style changes the work.
A change in work quality increases productivity.
Increased productivity increases profits.

Automatic translation of manuals into the mother tongue of each member of international staff will help foreign workers/part-time workers/new employees to find meaning in their work and become more engaged. 

The Benefits of outsourcing manual/procedure document preparation
1. You won't need to spend time on preparing manuals/procedure documents, allowing you to focus on the real tasks. 
2. You don’t need to have IT or computer skills. We will record your everyday work while you work as usual. 
3. We can also correct text, photographs and videos. 

As you can see, Best Planner, LLC. offers substitution services for the preparation of manuals and procedure documents, and we can prepare the documents regardless of whether or not there is already a manual in place.

Our staff will visit your location to shoot photos/videos and write down the procedures and text; therefore, leave trust us with everything. 
Telework server system that is visualized without omission and is automatically backed up
Double automatic backup, both on the cloud using a NAS and on your own computer.  Even when you are out of your office, the automatic backup server, which allows viewing and editing, offers total visualization. It has started to be used more frequently for teleworking as well. 

Total visualization enables teleworking
Are they really working? Won't information leak? This teleworking system from Saitama directly addresses these two fundamental issues.  In order make working from home a reality, we have created a mechanism to allow physical control of a PC without relying on manual operation, and for visualization of work that is done from home without leaks of graphs or videos.

Automatic backup servers that can also be used for business continuity planning (BCP) measures
These servers deploy a system in which high speed NSA function is provided normally during the day, and backup to the cloud is conducted during the night (hybrid operation).  Hybrid operation is an operating method that enjoys the advantages of cost efficiency and ease of use, in which backup data can be retrieved from the public cloud through a highly confidential file server (NAS) when required.

Characteristics of cloud-compatible servers that allow you to put in place your own BCP measures
Cloud compatible, allowing you to put in place your own BCP measures 
Automatically backs up the shared NAS data on a daily schedule
Scheduled auto backup of data that you have forgotten to share, such as "Desktop" and "My Documents" on your existing computer
Allows administration of backed up data from one hour ago to 30 generations ago
Authorizations can be given according to employee level
With VPN/WebDav functions, it is possible to access and edit a NAS server while out of the office
The free application enables access from anywhere through a smartphone or tablet 
Can be used as a substitute for a recording by webcam (IP camera). 

Of course, we can also handle construction of common Windows servers 
Comes with remote maintenance We support your systems and hardware.



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