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Latest update: 03/04/2020 18:15:36

Mec Co., Ltd.

Short delivery deadlines and ultra-high accuracy. We meet the increasingly sophisticated needs for die casting!

As a full-service die casting manufacturer, we offer an integrated production process, from mold design to production, die-casting molding, and MC or NC machining. We shorten delivery deadlines and produce highly accurate products. Furthermore, with the optimized process design that only Mec, with our knowledge of all die-casting processes, can provide, we produce high-quality products at low cost with short delivery times.

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Summary of our business, products and technologies
Business outline and merits
As well as producing automotive products that are as thin as possible, we produce industrial equipment including robots and pumps, and optical and electronic equipment such as monitoring cameras and sensors. The production of die-cast products starts with mold design. When designing a mold, designers, mold engineers, casting engineers, and processing engineers closely collaborate with each other to study casting methods and mold structure. Then, they create drawings by using 3D CAD. We work carefully to produce quality at the design stage, meeting our clients' needs with expertise based on thermal analysis using thermo viewers and flow analysis using new techniques.
Summary of main products and  technologies
Die-casting is one of several high-productivity casting methods. For die-casting, (1) a high-precision mold is created from special steel, (2) the mold is installed to a die-cast machine, (3) molten metal (e.g. aluminum, zinc, or magnesium) is injected into the mold at high speed, (4) the metal swiftly solidifies, and then (5) it is removed from the mold. Die-casting has many advantages: the mass-production of complexly-shaped products with precise dimensions, accurate finishes, beautiful surfaces and superb techniques. We deal in aluminum die-cast products, which have been attracting attention for their low-price, light weight, ease of recycling and environmental friendliness.
Message from the President (initiatives for developing new distribution channels, putting J-GoodTech to use, and other information)
As a comprehensive manufacturer of die-cast products, we perform all processes in-house, from design to the production of molds, jigs, and tools, die-cast molding, and MC or NC processing. Societal circumstances and the needs of our clients change as time goes by. We try to improve client satisfaction by improving competitiveness in terms of quality, cost, and delivery deadlines and making use of the creativity and sensitivity of our employees. By eagerly adopting new technologies and paying attention to co-existence with the global environment, we are committed to manufacturing that is a step ahead of the times.  

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