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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:47:59


We conserve the past for the sake of the future. 

We offer a scanning/digitization service for texts and books.  We use high-quality scanners made by Quidenus of Austria to conduct digitization with the utmost care. 

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Preserve the past for the future
Today, there is a global initiative to protect the ancient heritage of humanity to conserve/use it for posterity. 
There are many purposes for digitization, including the prevention of deterioration of rare books, the reduction of their loss and damage, and the publication of digitized data for public and academic use.  
In any case, the scanning and digitization of books and documents are required as the first steps. 
Even among those who want to digitize their documents, it is common to feel hesitant because you do not have the skills and expertise required for the appropriate handling of the documents, or you are unsure of how much you can accomplish because of the limited budget and labor.  If you have this kind of problem, please use our service. 
We offer the following scanning and digitization services for documents and books.  We treat your documents with utmost care at every step of the process, including receiving the documents/books, their digitization, checking, delivery, and the return of the documents.  

Delivery and acceptance of original documents  
Preliminary research 
Creation of image data 
Publication title input  
Author name input  
Image quality inspection 
Image editing 
Final checking  
File delivery  
Return of the original document  
Moreover, we offer various options that can help to accommodate your requests.  If you have any requests not listed below, please feel free to make an inquiry.  
 - Spread processing (editing two pages into a spread) 
 - File formats (TIFF/JPEG2000/RAW/GIF) 
 - High resolution processing 
 - Delivery media formats (CD-R, DVD) 
 - We can accommodate the digitization of antique books and old manuscripts  
 - Website construction 
 - Please feel free to make an inquiry about other services. 

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Kanto Head Office, SMRJ