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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:17

BODUK Co., Ltd.

Please contact us if you are interested in analog/digital 5.7 GHz transceivers.

We provide analog 5.7 GHz transceivers and digital 5.7 GHz transceivers. We also provide the HN1000TR 5.7 GHz band wireless video transmission system. Please contact us if you have any requests.

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Business description and overview of products and technology
Description and features of business
We mainly provide analog 5.7 GHz transceivers and digital 5.7 GHz transceivers. We also develop transfer equipment and industrial drones, develop, import, retail and wholesale radio-controlled models and sport bikes, provide solar panel inspection, and operate an enclosure business. One of our unique product offerings is wall-climbing robots for infrastructure inspection. They can be used to inspect the surface of structures that you cannot easily access (to check the state of deterioration and check for damage). There are many methods for inspecting structures, but it is common to make a final judgment by touching the structures in hammering tests or the like. This is why we developed wall-climbing robots to effectively operate contact inspection equipment.
Overview of main products and technology
Our analog 5.7 GHz transceiver lineup includes the HN10T ultra-compact 5.7 GHz band VTX transmitter for video transmission, which complies with the Radio Act. It can be installed in a micro drone or small mobile device to receive videos from the ground or air, and can be used for business purposes. Our CONNEX Industrial is a wireless HD link suitable for the drone industry in Japan. Innovative zero-delay CONNEX enables professionals and companies to capture high-quality videos that conform to the new Japanese standard for unmanned mobile image transmission systems. We designed CONNEX Industrial with drone applications in mind. CONNEX Industrial provides you with the performance and reliability necessary for aerial work anytime, anywhere.
Representative’s message (efforts for cultivating markets, utilization of J-GoodTech, and others)
We excel in developing and manufacturing analog/digital 5.7 GHz transceivers. Our HN1000TR is a wireless device for FPV operation of industrial drones and video transmission from autonomous air vehicles to the ground. We use 5.7 GHz (20 MHz system) in compliance with the Radio Act (Image Transmission System for Unmanned Mobile Vehicles), which was revised in 2016. We use narrow bandpass filters for the receiving circuit to remove interference and achieve transmission of clear videos over long distances (more than 10 km). Please feel free to contact us if you have any issues with your transceivers.

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