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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:21:54

PAE Co.,Ltd.

With NC automatic lathes and resin forming as our pillars, we are able to give shape to ideas and concepts.

We can handle robotization of insert forming, image inspection of products, and other operations in-house. In cutting metals, we can also handle titanium and other difficult-to-cut materials.

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Company overview
Business overview
Design and development: Product design, various kinds of small, labor-saving automatic equipment and jigs, various kinds of motor-driven actuators

Cutting: Precision-cut parts for two- and four-wheeled vehicles, various shafts, collars, bosses, and other diameter 4 to 50 mm parts

Resin forming: Molded inserts for automobiles or machinery, various gears (JIS 1 grade), bobbins, etc.

Harness machining: Machined shields for distribution boards and circuit boxes, general lead wires and machined terminals, etc.

Coiling: Coils for various sensors and small motors

Product assembly: Motors, motor units for home electronics, housing equipment and vehicles, sensor units, various actuators, circuit boxes, etc.
Our specialized skills
Design and development: Development, design, and manufacturing of labor-saving equipment for various fields (medical care and agriculture); development and design of new products in response to customer needs, from design to mass production launch; design and production of automation and labor-saving equipment and various inspection equipment from process design and rationalization idea proposals.

Resin forming: Precision resin forming, centering on the formation of inserts for four-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicles, electronic equipment parts, etc.

Cutting: Complex precision machining of metal bar materials from diameter 4 to 38 mm, including difficult-to-cut SUS and FE materials.

Machining of parts from a wide variety of fields, ranging from precision-machined parts for two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles as well as aircraft to motor shafts and sensors, all of which require high precision, high durability, and low cost.

Coiling: Mass-production in winding high-precision bobbins using automatic wire coilers and our own labor-saving lines.

Harness machining: Integrated speedy operation for all processes from machining shield and lead wires to assembling related products, geared to high-mix low-volume production.

Product assembly: Integrated production from small-lot to mass production using in-house manufactured parts and production technology, starting with product planning and design.
Main production equipment
CAD software (Solid Works)
CNC automatic lathes
Precision cylindrical grinders
Bit polishers
Drill polishers
Vertical/horizontal electric injection molders
Fully automatic bilateral terminal swagers
Casting machines
Automatic terminal crimpers
Lead wire twisters
Wire strippers
Automatic spindle winders

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