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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:47


We are a manufacturer of power distribution control systems. We design, manufacture, and sell control systems for industrial equipment, machine tools, and plants, as well as power distribution boards for buildings, factories, hospitals, and supermarkets.

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Control Systems Division
The division designs, manufactures, and sells control systems for industrial machinery, machine tools, and plants.
Control systems for various machines and plants
Development of FA software and measurement and testing equipment
Electrical installation and on-site installation/test operation adjustment work

Production examples: desk type casting machine control panel, parallel operation panel for generators, incinerator control panel, washing machine control panel, aluminum can manufacturing equipment control panel, sintering furnace control panel, control panel for machine tools, vacuum vibration dryer control panel, and others.
Power Distribution Board Division
The division designs, manufactures, and sells power distribution boards, cubicles, control panels, switchboards, and monitoring panels for buildings, factories, schools, hospitals, supermarkets, and others.

Production examples: High-voltage panels and low-voltage distribution panels for automobile manufacturers, certified cubicles, indoor cubicles for tunnels, control panels for air conditioning equipment, utility hole pump control panels, power distribution boards, switchboards, water pump panels, and others.

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