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Inspiration is created by skill!
Through molds, which are the basics of modeling, we ascertain the needs of the times and contribute to society through our originality and ingenuity.

We manufacture, repair, and modify plastic molds.

Molds turn product data that we receive from our customers into tangible plastic products.

Molds give shape to plastic, and breathe life into it. As the times change, more and more functions are required of these molds.

We have an integrated production system from design to machining, polishing, and finishing so we can flexibly and quickly respond to the increasingly sophisticated demands of our customers in-house.

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Molds for plastic injection molding
Molds for deep and large products
Household sundries: Wardrobe cases and other storage products, and various household items
Industrial consumables: Trash bins for empty cans for automatic vending machines, containers for gardening, pallets
Home electronics: Air conditioners, cleaners, electric kettles, etc.
Automotive parts: Exterior parts, interior parts, etc.

Mold concept: A design that considers deformation in formed products as well as mold durability; an adjustment structure that accommodates minute differences in flow and changes over time.
Machining equipment: A group of equipment capable of machining products up to more than 500 mm and more than 1.5 m wide.
Wide-range surface polishing: NC polishing equipment is used for higher efficiency in base preparation; finish polishing combines a mirror-like finish with ease of removal.
Vacuum breaking: Thin-wall products that easily stick to a mold can be smoothly released from their molds by using an originally designed air valve.
Prototype forming: We have an electric 850t wide molding machine for prototypes that can be used for R&D and immediate mass production upon delivery of molds.
Stable internal environment: The floor is a load-bearing structure that is protected from vibration and changes over the time, and the whole factory is thermally controlled to inhibit differences in expansion between processes.

We believe that the more you use our molds, the more you will realize the difference in productivity. In addition, our experienced staff provide detailed service from prototyping to follow-up after delivery, and we have earned a high level of trust from our customers.

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