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Latest update: 01/03/2021 17:28:59

EiShin co., Ltd.

Manufacturing and sales of products that improve the environment, contributing to the global environment.

EiShin Co., Ltd. was established in December 2009 with the slogan “heartfelt hospitality toward our irreplaceable planet,” 
and this year is our 11th year in business. Among the numerous environmental products,
we specialize in natural materials, and we manufacture unique products without burdening
the environment.


Sales Pitch

For air cleaners (eco-SPRAY)
Improves vehicle combustion efficiency, reduces harmful exhaust gas, and improves power and fuel efficiency
No chemicals whatsoever are used in eco-SPRAY.
For eco-SPRAY, we have been studying and producing safe ingredients derived from nature, such as seafood, cypress sap, seaweed, composition, and WOX.
 In addition, the products are excellent for the environment, human body animals, and plants.
(1) Situations it is used
 The product is essential for people who drive cars.
 eco-SPRAY can be used in diverse situations, including individuals who own cars,
 bus companies, transportation companies that own trucks,
 taxi companies, leasing companies, and used car dealers.

Benefits to customers
By having our customers actually use our products, 
 they can experience reduced exhaust gases, improved engine power, and improved combustion efficiency
 In particular, companies that own a lot of vehicles will experience the cost effectiveness.
Differences between us and other companies
Our products are all made from natural components,
 and we have thorough quality control.
 In addition, because our product is simply sprayed on air filters,
 it is not mixed with gasoline
 and therefore is a highly safe product.
 Unlike existing fuel consumption improvement products, it has been certified as
 an environmental technology product by UNIDO and the Cabinet Office.


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