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Latest update: 21/07/2022 15:55:57

Nissei PR Co.,Ltd.

Total support for the sales promotion of companies by means of printing, digital content, and events

We do business in the following three fields: Producing printed materials, producing digital content, and planning and managing events. By combining these activities, we specialize in totally supporting the sales promotion of companies.

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Printing, digital content, and events
Printing business
As for the printing business, which is our main business, our strength lies in the high-value-added printing that is derived from waterless LED-UV printing and that achieves "environmental friendliness", "high precision", and "short delivery periods".  We deal in a variety of products ranging from general printed materials for commercial purposes such as flyers and catalogues to the printing of art utilizing high precision. 
-Environmentally friendly printing
We use the "waterless printing" method which does not generate fluid waste, "FSC certified paper" which uses appropriately managed forest resources, "NON-VOC ink" which does not generate components harmful to human bodies and natural environments, and "green electricity" which is renewable natural energy, so as to reduce the burden on the environment. Regarding the above four conditions, a certification mark can be printed on printed materials. The utilization of the mark on your company's brochures, CSR (corporate social responsibility) documents, business cards, etc. can demonstrate your company's environmentally friendly activities.   
-High-precision printing 
In addition to the "waterless printing" method with stable quality, we are able to use "Kaleido ink" that is superior to conventional inks in terms of the color reproducibility of RGB (red, green, and blue) images. Since we have obtained the "Japan color standard printing certification", we can thoroughly control printing quality.
Furthermore, in order to utilize high-precision printing technology to the full extent possible, we excel in high- resolution scanning of original pictures and photos, and in the technologies of modifying, correcting, and processing image data. As a result, we are able to pursue not only merely accuracy and minuteness, but also the "fascination" and "visual quality" that the client has envisioned.    
High-precision printing is especially suitable for not only art-related printed materials (books of paintings, photograph collections, and so on) and highly graphic motifs (food, fashion, automobiles, etc.), but also motifs that need to be highly accurate and minute (such as motifs of medical or precision equipment).
-Printing in a short period  
Thanks to the production system in which we perform all the processes ranging from design planning to delivery in our company, and to the LED-UV printing with excellent quick drying properties, we are able to flexibly meet schedules and deliver printed materials in a short period.
Digital content business
The core of our digital content business is website creation (including the construction of CMS [Content Management System] and EC [E-Commerce] websites). Furthermore, we produce electronic books, apps, etc.    
Our strength lies in linkage with our printing business. The linkage effectively enables the development of content, which is a combination of paper and digital ones, so as to meet requests such as the simultaneous development of website and paper-based documents and the conversion of existing paper-based documents into digital documents.
Event business
Our event business provides total support for events from planning to management. We handle not only events for the sales promotion of companies such as exhibits, but also events such as campaigns or events hosted by municipalities and special exhibitions at museums.  
Since we are able to undertake all event-related processes including the printing of printed materials and handouts, the preparation of furniture and equipment, and the production and arrangement of videos or the like, the labor and budget of the client can be streamlined to the extent possible.



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