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We make use of our unique technology to supply the ultimate in paper-alignment machinery

We are a manufacturer specializing in printing and bookbinding machinery. We account for a domestic market share of 85% for paper alignment machinery and air tables based on vibration technology and air-based conveyance technology. We have an extensive lineup of products with functions of alignment, piling up (same-direction piling), feeding (transfer), lifting (up and down), reversing, sorting, and other operations indispensable in printing and bookbinding.

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Sales Pitch

Paper alignment machinery
Our machinery is digital-display paper alignment equipment with an air bleeder, automatic tilter, and paper dislocation protector as standard equipment and with a computer-controlled safety/error display.
Paper stacker/aligner
Our product is reasonably priced as required and user friendly, and achieves a paper stacking/alignment precision that is possibly only for us. It is also highly safe and allows you to stack and align paper without straining your body.
Paper cutter peripherals
We propose equipment that alleviates your workload, facilitates paper moves, and improves efficiency in tasks around the cutting process.
Related equipment
We have a lineup of table lifters, scrapers, traverse lifts, and other equipment that greatly increase work efficiency.

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