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Latest update: 12/01/2021 18:53:10

DITECT Co., Ltd.

DITECT Co. Ltd. provides high-speed cameras, image analysis, and motion analysis.

We will continue to meet your expectations with reliable video measurement/analysis and a platform that transcends fields.

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Introducing business content and product technology
Business content/features
We mainly develop hardware such as high-speed cameras and image capture cards, and offer software development mainly in the areas of video and image processing. Our high-speed camera (HAS-DX) is a high-definition high-speed digital camera equipped with a new image sensor. Shooting 2,000 frames per second is possible with full HD 2 million pixel resolution. It is controllable even through a laptop or a computer, using a USB 3.0 connection, enabling easy achievement of high-speed high-definition shooting.
Overview of products and technologies
In software development, we mainly deal with PIV software, motion analysis software, and still-image processing software. Regarding our PIV software, [Flownizer2d] supports PTV, whereas [Flownizer3D3C] further supports stereo PIV. They are very useful for measuring flow velocities in wind tunnels and water-tank experiments. Regarding our motion analysis software, [DIPP-Motion V(five)], our two-dimensional/3D model, is useful for universal motion measurement, such as human motion analysis, as well as motion analysis for automobiles, marine vessel models, animals/insects, and robots. Regarding still-image processing software, our single-image model [DIPP-Image] and our continuous image model [DIPP-Macroll] are useful for biotechnology, material engineering, machinery, particles, and more.
Message from the representative
Detect Co., Ltd., aims to develop products that “bring happiness and surprise to our customers” under the themes of images processing/measurement of video. Image processing of video has been making great progress and is now an indispensable technology that is used in advanced safety technology for automobiles, autonomous driving technology, and position and attitude control devices in the aerospace field. We have been continuing our work on motion capture technology for analyzing the movement of machines and human bodies, fluid analysis technology that analyzes the flow of water and air, and high-speed camera technology for capturing the movement of objects moving at high speeds. We have been steadily and surely achieving results, mainly through our collaboration with universities and research institutes.

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