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Latest update: 04/10/2021 10:42:53

Omikenshi Co.,Ltd.

Manufacture, Processing, and Sales of Cotton Yarn, Rayon Cotton, Rayon Yarn, Various Synthetic Yarns, and Blended Yarns

We are a manufacturer, processor, and distributor of rayon and other fibers, listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Among them, we operate the FA solutions business as a pillar of our non-fiber division, providing systems for manufacturers and medical institutions.

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Fiber Business
Produces rayon from wood pulp for use in the clothing, medical, and daily necessities industries.
Our rayon cotton manufacturing plant in Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture produces rayon for the clothing, medical care, and daily necessities fields. Natural cellulose made from wood pulp is regenerated into a fibrous form, with the same composition as cotton and hemp. The raw material, wood pulp, is reproducible and biodegradable, and the overall process is eco-friendly. It is exactly the kind of fiber that the modern world needs.
Three Types, Rayon Spun Yarn, Functional Rayon Blended Yarn, and Dyed Yarn, are Available to Meet Various Needs
We offer three types of yarns: rayon spun yarns that are mainly made of rayon and supplied to a wide range of segments, with varied specifications from 10/1 to 60/1; functional rayon blended yarns that can be made to order with specified blends such as synthetic fiber or other natural materials; and dyed yarn that can be produced in small lots. We respond to diverse needs that evolve every day.
Planning, Production, and Sales of High-Quality, Trendy Printed Fabrics and Knitwear: New products focusing on ecology and health are also available one after another.
We plan, produce, and sell high-quality, trendy, plain dyed and printed fabrics and knitwear that meet the needs of the domestic and overseas markets, with a focus on functional rayon materials. In recent years, there has been a growing need for distinctive textiles that emphasize ecology and health consciousness, so we are working hard to develop such new products to meet the needs of the times.
Comfortable Living Creation Business
Cosmetics Development
Natural Ingredients for Fresh Skin
Our basic skincare brand, Enary, contains chitosan and other natural ingredients to give strength to the skin, helping to maintain the moisture balance, and making your skin look and feel fresh.
Software Development (medical solutions)
Our company focuses on how patients coming to the hospital can have a stress-free visit and on which areas to target in order to relieve such stress. We developed a series of products, mainly around the patient call system, including revisit reception/automatic issuing machines and arrival confirmation terminals. In 2015, we jointly developed with Oki Electric Industry tabletop revisit reception/automatic charge adjustment machines for small and medium-sized hospitals and clinics and started production.
Software Development (solutions for manufacturing sites)
We provide comprehensive services covering development, management, operation, and maintenance to meet customers' requirements. The Solution Division focuses on FA system construction and software development and offers system integration services to provide optimal systems that meet customers' needs. In addition to selling various types of information and communication equipment, we are also expanding our business into the field of information networks and are actively working to create a more comfortable business environment.

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