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Latest update: 12/01/2021 18:53:10

Joytec Co., Ltd.

A general trading company that has established a consistent management system from design to material procurement and manufacturing.

Joytec Co., Ltd. is a general trading company that has created an integrated management system that covers everything from design to material procurement and manufacturing. Our strength is in the planning, development, manufacture and sales of electronic blackboards, monitors and touch panels for business, and arcade game machines.

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Business content/company strengths/products handled
Business content/company strengths
[Business content]
Planning, development, manufacturing, and sales of arcade game machines
Planning, import, and sales of electronic blackboards
Import and sales of LCD monitors and touch panels
Import and sales of digital signage
Development, manufacturing, import/export, and sales of electrical and mechanical unit products
Planning, development, manufacturing, and sales of electronic application equipment

[Company strengths]
We are a general trading company that has established an integrated management system that ranges from design and material procurement to manufacturing.
We can quickly respond to wide-ranging requests, in cooperation with our affiliated partner companies in Taiwan, China, and South Korea.
We also have staff who are capable of thorough quality control and guidance, enabling our customers to use overseas products with confidence.
We are a manufacturer-oriented general trading company, and we also offer products manufactured and developed in Japan.
Products handled
A completely new electronic board, capable of real-time displaying and saving to PCs the characters/illustrations written on a whiteboard/blackboard with regular markers. The boards have excellent responsivity and accuracy, allowing you to write without stress. Anything written can be directly saved as data.
It can be used mainly for office meetings and school classes. Also, it can be linked to a web conference system, so it can also be used for teleworking and distance learning.

<Hakubanya Plus> 
The existing display can be easily retrofitted to become a touch panel.
To operate a laptop directly from the display, all you have to do is bring the laptop to the meeting room or classroom, and connect it to the included USB cable. 
You can freely write into meeting documents, or scale images. It can also be used for web conferences using software that allows for two-way writing.
<55-inch 4K display with a 10-point touch function for signage>
It features a completely flat screen, despite using infrared technology. (A special infrared method called FTIR is used.)
The screen is also ultrahigh definition and extremely beautiful. 
<Various touch panels>
Various touch panels are offered such as capacitive, infrared, ultrasonic, and resistive. Sizes can be chosen freely.

<STEAM education for young children - Programing robot “Qobo” >
Arrange the included puzzle cards freely. When you turn the power on for “Qobo” at the starting point, it moves and speaks words according to what is written on the cards.
The puzzle cards can be combined in any way. Also, the puzzle cards are in English, so children can learn programming and English while playing. It is very popular in nurseries and kindergartens.
(Target age: 3–8 years old)

We also handle a variety of components that are built into machines. For example, camera modules, barcodes/QR-code readers, metal hoppers, and coin selectors. We can also search for the parts you require, so please feel free to contact us.
Message from the representative
Our company’s growth has mainly come from the business of developing and developing commercial-use amusement machines, as well as the procurement and sales of related electronic components. Over the last few years, we have been searching for one or two other businesses that could become the pillars of our company.
We first started our electric board (Hakubanya) business by utilizing the technology and experience that we have accumulated in the amusement business, and we have begun to achieve results.
Going into the future, we will strive to further strengthen our amusement businesses and electronic board business, while also taking on new challenges.
Please let us know if there is something we can help you with.

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