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Latest update: 03/03/2020 11:09:32

Deodor Japan Co., Ltd.

We provide measures against odors, from exhaust air to spaces in rooms. Our Olfactory Measurement Operators provide consultation.

Odors are gas in the air. We believe that measures against odors that can also spread as gas are effective. We focus on “closer to natural air” and “creation of a more comfortable environment.” We will continue to contribute to society as an engineering company dedicated to measures against odors, emphasizing safe systems for human beings and environment-friendly systems.

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Business description and an overview of products and technology
Description and features of business
Since we started our business in 1983, we have focused on issues of odors in life as a company specializing in providing measures against odors. We have nine staff members who are certified as Olfactory Measurement Operators, the first national qualification in the field of odors. They can propose measures to improve odor issues in plants and workplaces even if only slightly. We provide a wide variety of products for business use and home use. Our main products are plant essential oil air fresheners (phytoncide air fresheners) for changing the quality of odors while considering the characteristics of a person’s sense of smell.
Overview of products and technology
Our plant essential oil air freshener can be used as vapor because of special processing. Therefore, you can use the air freshener without straining equipment such as ducts and fans. In addition, you can easily feel the improvement through this method because you can improve the quality of the space by adding a fresh scent after removing the odors. You can use the air freshener as a measure against odors of exhaust air coming from kitchens, food factories, printing, livestock and so on. You can also use it to prevent odors of spaces in rooms such as those in plants and dumps. We recommend that you use it for facilities such as smoking areas and nursing homes because it is also effective against odors from cigarettes and excrement.
For matching
Causes of odors have changed with the times. While most complaints were directed toward large plants and offices in the past, complaints regarding exhaust air from kitchens of barbeque restaurants, Ramen shops, and so on are increasing. Some people say that they cannot understand why they have received complaints because the exhaust air has the smell of food. In such cases, we explain why they need to remove the odor. 
It is difficult to eliminate odor complaints from the world. Still, we aim to create environments with which both companies and users can feel comfortable by taking measures for each case.





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