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Ishizaka Plant Inc.

Ishizaka Plant offers plant engineering and contract manufacturing of metal products. With more than 40 years of experience in the business, we can propose various construction methods and help you enhance the services after delivery to your customers. We also have can manufacturing and welding technology, build new production bases, and implement BCP (Business Continuity Plan) measures.

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Sales Pitch

Plant Engineering for Solving Customers' Issues
Do you have any of these issues?
We want to improve after-sales service by responding to customer's problems immediately.
We need a partner company with a wealth of construction experience.
Service Description
When your equipment suddenly fails, getting it back up and running quickly with minimum production downtime would be ideal. However, it is impossible to build such a system if there are no partner companies near you. At Ishizaka Plant, we perform regular maintenance such as repairing weld cracks and damage, replacing consumable parts such as bearings, renewing existing facilities, installing new ones, and performing related piping work and structural modifications. We can also modify existing facilities and construct handrails, walkways, etc., to provide you a safe and easy-to-work-in factory.

Having a partner company close to you is advantageous, as it allows for better service after the equipment is delivered. We are here to help you be happy.
Past Examples of Construction
We have experience in various types of plant construction as follows:
Fabrication, installation, and piping of storage tanks
Renewal of internal shutter of incinerator
Replacement of screw conveyor bearings
Repair of raw material feed hopper
Fabrication and renewal of drainage tank ramp
Contract Manufacturing of Metal Products: Building a New Production Base
Do you have any of these issues?
We want a system to manufacture metal products in Kumamoto and Kyushu.
The place has to store the products after manufacturing.
We have to assemble tall products indoors.
Service Description
Manufacturing products near you can minimize logistics costs, reducing procurement costs in general. In addition, as part of BCP (Business Continuity Plan) measures, it has become essential to build a procurement system in multiple regions and ensure a stable supply of products.

Ishizaka Plant manufactures industrial equipment such as storage tanks (canning), ducts, and hoppers. Also, our factory has five overhead cranes and a 12-meter high area where the products manufactured by each partner company can be collected for final assembly. The factory is a 10-minute drive to the Yatsushiro Minami Interchange and a 10-minute drive to Yatsushiro Port. It can be used as a logistics base, handling everything from storage to shipping of finished products.

The new production base will create new value for you, such as reduced procurement costs and BCP (Business Continuity Plan) measures. The technology required will vary depending on the product, so we will tailor proposals to each company and assist as a partner for a new production base.
Past Examples of Production
We have experience in manufacturing various types of products as follows:
Reaction tank
Filtration equipment (water treatment equipment)
Unloading hopper
Piping support
Stages for tanks
Proposal Process
Step 1: Consultation and Proposal
Sign a non-disclosure agreement and begin the interview. We will ask you what issues you are facing and introduce some of the examples that Ishizaka Plant has achieved in the past. Based on the information from the consultation, we will propose how we can collaborate.
Step 2: Conclusion of the Basic Contract Agreement
Once it has been determined that both parties will be happy with the relationship, we will sign the basic contract agreement.
Step 3: Start of Construction and Manufacturing
We will start construction and installation. If necessary, we will conduct chat reports and web conferences to share the progress.
About Ishizuka Plant
Construction License
License Number
License No. 010938 granted by the Governor of Kumamoto Prefecture
Type of construction business
Piping work
Steel structure construction
Machinery and equipment installation

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