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With drying as our core technology, we contribute to a variety of fields such as food, chemistry, medical care, and the environment.

Our processing equipment for drying, granulation, concentration, sterilization, etc. is used for manufacturing in fields such as food, beverages, medicines, chemical goods, and various materials. With drying as our core technology, our processing equipment is used for a variety of manufacturing processes, including concentration, sterilization, granulation, and incineration.

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RIBOCONE, Conical Ribbon Mixer / Dryer
RIBOCONE is a powder mixer, containing a helical ribbon agitator with excellent mixing performance in a vertical, inverse cone-shaped container. RIBOCONE can be used for various purposes and perform primary as well as secondary mixing. The periphery of the container is covered by a jacket. Letting cold water, hot water, steam, a heat medium, or similar flow through the jacket allows RIBOCONE to perform, in addition to mixing, processes such as drying, heating, evaporation to dryness, cooling, thermal treatment, and sterilization.
-No risk of product contamination
-Speedy mixing, speedy thermal treatment, and speedy drying.
-A total volume mixing method results in uniform product water content and temperature.
-Bottom discharge allows for easy product discharge.
-Can be used for various purposes. 
Typical applications
Electronic and battery materials / Ceramics / Magnetic materials / Silicon carbide / Chinese herbal medicine / Seasoning / Animal feed 
Electronic materials / Resin powder /Fermentation accelerators / Pharmaceuticals / Cellulose / Plant or animal residues
SLURRY DRYER, a fluid bed dryer using ceramic balls as auxiliary heating medium
The slurry or liquid to be dried is continuously supplied into the bed which contains 1-3mm diameter ceramic balls in fluidization to work as an auxiliary heating medium. The product supplied into the fluidized bed will stick to the surfaces of the balls. The product will be instantly dried by the conduction heat from the heated balls and the convection heat from the fluidized hot air, then peeled off the balls' surfaces by collisions between them. The dried product will be conveyed by the fluidized gas to the collection unit where it will be discharged.
-The dried powder obtained is close to the material's primary particle.
-High thermal efficiency.
-Compact unit due to a large thermal volumetric coefficient.
-No need to atomize the slurry or liquid.
-Easy cleaning.
-Can be used for nitrogen closed systems.
Typical applications
Condenser materials / Barium titanate / Nickel hydroxide / Magnetic materials / Ceramics / Glass powders / Metal powders / Aluminum oxide / Titanium oxide / Zirconium / Calcium carbonate / Silicon carbide / Calcium silicate / Synthetic resins / Medicine for animals / Reduction of various factory effluents
The FV DRYER is a multi-functional conical dryer that can perform filtration, drying, rinsing, and mixing in a single unit. Thanks to its simple internal construction without any kind of agitator, it is also suited to dry pharmaceuticals and fine-chemical materials that require sanitation and flexibility.
-Multi-functional conical dryer that can perform filtration, drying, rinsing, and mixing in a single unit
-No agitator installed
-Meets validation requirements
-No need to move the product from process to process, preventing loss and leakage
-CIP and SIP possible
-Excellent sanitation
-If necessary, only main the body can be installed in a clean room.
-Replacement rinsing and stirring rinsing selectable
-Large drying performance
-Vacuum drying and vacuum-freeze drying possible
-Uniform mixing and drying
Typical applications
Pharmaceuticals / Pharmaceutical intermediates / Fine chemicals / Photo-sensitive materials / Electronic materials / Dyes and pigments / Foods / Food additives / Functional foods
Continuous Fluid Bed Top Spray Granulator "MIXGRAD"
This granulator performs continuous granulation (agglomeration) by spraying liquid onto powder to make the liquid absorb into the powder. MIXGRAD is a device based on a circular fluid bed dryer, which is combined with our knowledge and expertise in fluidized bed granulation and coating. Its intended purposes are (1) continuous granulation of powder, (2) addition, mixing, and absorption of fluid components, and (3) direct granulation and drying of liquids. Please use MIXGRAD to improve the manageability of powder products, enhance the added value of such products, and improve production lines. 
●Allows continuous production of homogeneous granule products
●Allows production of products with sharp particle size distribution
●Perfect for continuously mass-producing products in unmanned conditions.
●Allows porous and easily soluble granule products to be produced from liquids.  
●Perfects for adding nutrients and pigments to raw materials 
Typical applications
Foods: Powdered milk, cocoa, gelatin, functional foods, and seasoning
Chemical products: Inorganic water solutions, ceramics, electronic materials, and resin

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