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Latest update: 19/04/2023 15:31:46


We have acquired four patents! Our AI technology and programming technology are more excellent than those of rival companies.

1) We have acquired four patents since our establishment three and half years ago!
2) Extremely short delivery period!
3) We can handle many types of programming languages!
(HTML ,CSS, PHP, C++, C language, C++, Java, Java Script, and Web Assembly)
4) Superior AI technology x video technology

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Sales Pitch

Real-time effects using AI
The world's first technology that converts a photographed video into animation
[Summary and applications of use of our main products, technologies, and services]
Targets: Individual customers, internet television companies, television companies, video companies, productions, public relations agencies, advertising companies, and animation production companies. The technology converts videos shot by video cameras, about growth records, sports days, festivals, school festivals and trips into animations and allows viewers to enjoy the animations which give a different sense from that given by videos. The technology also allows collections of photos of a child to be integrated into a story and the integrated story to be converted into an animation. The animation will please the child and other family members because they feel as if they were heroes or heroines in the animation. Married couples can convert videos of their wedding ceremonies and honeymoon trips into animations and keep them.       

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