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Latest update: 21/12/2022 13:49:34

Takada Metal Coating Industry Co., Ltd.

We can handle particulate and solvent-baked coating up to a maximum length of 5.5 m. The average age of our employees is 35, so we can provide stable supplies for the medium to long term.

Today, craftsman are aging, but our company puts importance on educating playing managers, building our system to conform to, and maintain, the quality requirements of our customers.


Sales Pitch

You can select a plurality of combinations of powder coatings and solvent coatings
Coating processing capacity
130 units can be coated in one day, including a 1300 x 700 x 250 switchboard. In terms of area, we can coating an area of 360 m2.
We do not have line equipment; we use our own transport jigs, so we can handle even large products.
Heavy-duty, salt-resistant coating
Depending on the customer's industry, the level of requirements for heavy salt-resistant coatings varies. We have received feedback from many customers and continue to propose solutions that meet their requirements.
Quality control
We measure and inspect the thickness, brightness, and coloration of the coating that is required by our customers, and confirm that they are within the specified range before we ship our packages. We also perform adherence tests or the like if necessary.

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