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Latest update: 17/02/2020 16:28:42


An innovative company diagnosing water and supporting the production environment with a modified coolant

Nihon Aqua Reforming Systems realizes production sites friendly to people and the earth and more efficient than ever.
Our mission is to build up a new standard production environment.


Sales Pitch

Outline of business, products, and technology
Business description and features
Our company analyzes industrial water used for cutting and grinding physically and chemically. We support suitable working fluids (coolant). We have patented technology related to improving coolant performance by reforming water with a focus on water for diluting water-soluble coolants at a production process. By using this technology, we greatly extend the service lives of tools, improve the precision of processed or manufactured items, and make processing processes efficient. Thus, we can receive various advantages, including the betterment of the production environment through these improvements.We start by studying water-only reforms without changing the current coolant, and, if deemed necessary, propose a more suitable coolant. SSWE can bring out the best production capacity by reviewing the processing conditions and can make the processing environment optimal with the compatibility between tools, coolants, and the workpiece in mind. We are aiming to become a one-stop service as a coolant nurse (NARS).
Outline of main products and technology
Our company acquired a patent for our technology of reforming water by using natural ceramics and firestones having nanometer pores as filtering materials. We manufacture and sell water reforming devices (fresh water generators) that analyze generated water chemically and physically by using our patented technology. We also sell generated fresh water. Our products include a system that reforms a machining solvent by using a machine tool where the generated water is used as a machining coolant, and a system that restores the function of machining liquid (patented clean tank system). Our company also provides consultation services by using the systems.
The reformed (generated) water features faster evaporation speed and improved cooling and cleaning characteristics. When used as a water-based cutting fluid, the water reduces the fluid particle size, lowers the coefficient of friction, exhibits a lubrication effect, and extends the service life.
Representative's message
In the processing and manufacturing industries, water greatly affects production by its composition and properties. By examining water, we can select an oil suitable for the workpiece to bring out the best from the blade and keep the machine sound. Consultation enabled our reformed (generated) water to realize customer expected achievements successively.
We will modify the production system that has been driven by time, quantity, and cost. We will further brush up our capability to make diagnoses and direct cost reduction efforts toward the improvement of production sites.
We will spread this technology from Gunma Prefecture to the Kanto and Kansai areas and throughout the nation in collaboration with J-GoodTech.