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Cold-place quality grown in the northern land

Our company was established in 1950.
As a professional that deals with wood, our company sells wooden and building materials, manufactures 2×4 panels, and builds detached houses and large wooden buildings. As a pioneer of prefabricated buildings, we have been selling and leasing temporary houses and unit houses.
We are celebrating the 70th anniversary of our founding. We are aiming for further development by utilizing our strengths.

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Sales Pitch

Introduction of main items in various fields from large-scale construction to material sales
[Building materials] Handles all kinds of materials related to construction works and supplies them widely to Sapporo, Otaru, and other areas
Our company sells products made by all kinds of manufacturers in and outside Japan. From various building materials, we select and propose optimum ones for your use or purpose. 
As a professional that deals with wood, our company has experience and achievements of about 70 years. One of our strengths is the 2x4 panels for housing that we manufacture at our factory. We deliver them to many housing manufacturers from major to local building contractors.
・Lumber division: Structural materials, construction materials, and wood deck materials
・Processing division: Housing structural members
・Building materials division: Structural and other plywood, interior materials, heat insulation materials, plasters & slates, fittings, and housing facilities & equipment
・Works division: Exteriors, interiors, heat insulation, housing equipment, and wood works
[Prefab house][Unit house]
■Prefab house
Our company constructs dozens of buildings annually on a consignment basis, the bulk of the work coming from major general constructors in Hokkaido. We also construct over 150 buildings that are for lease. Our strength is our prefab technology that enables us to  construct buildings resistant against cold and snow that is unique to the construction industry in Hokkaido. (Lightweight steel frame buildings with specifications for cold places)
・Hokkaido House is a ground-breaking prefab house created, designed, and manufactured in Hokkaido. This is the best house for a cold place because of high thermal insulation. This house was produced in the natural environment of Hokkaido. Under an integrated factory production system, we provide buildings of high quality and good performance. This hardware supports various construction sites in the northern areas, such as urban development, road and tunnel works, and dam works.
・Sigma House is a futuristic unit house born in the northern area and having infinite potential. This high-quality futuristic unit house has made it possible to meet the varying needs of modern business scene having fast cycles. Sigma House was born from the experience, knowledge, and technology only available in the northern areas. We have realized functionality that can respond to various opinions related to the actual sites while also having a stylish appearance and comfortable rooms that are acceptable as a space for living. The room is used not only as a temporary office or for resting on site, but also for many events like the Sapporo Snow Festival and the Rising Sun Rock Festival.
[Large wooden building (not a house)][General building][Detached house]
■Large wooden building (not a house)
As to large wooden buildings based on wooden frame technology, we have knowhow that is comparable with that of major general constructors. Our company has a proven track record of constructing gyms, large-scale pigpens, supermarkets, and other stores.
■General building
Our company has a proven track record of constructing RC, steel frame, and wooden buildings ranging widely from public facilities to private factories, and stores to office buildings. Our selling point is the ZEH house with great thermal insulation and low energy consumption that is created from 2x4 panels manufactured at our in-house factory.
Saijo Sangyo's method
HiPearl method: Technical revolution of building methods by external insulation and RC construction. Low cost brought about by the combination of architecturally ideal external insulation and RC construction.
Shift from internal common sense to external conception produces thermal insulation for the new age.
“Heat insulating materials shall be installed inside structures.” This common sense used to be a great disadvantage of RC construction. The external insulation method is truly a unique technology of the HiPearl method. For this thermal insulation, an entire building is enveloped completely like a flask, including the body. This external insulation is not achievable without Hi Stall Panel which has great strength. It realizes excellent thermal insulation that can never be achieved by internal thermal insulation.
・External insulation method
・Four-story building possible
・Remarkably improved durability
・Improved soundproofing performance
・All-day planned ventilation
・Free layout change
・Great cost reduction
Summit HR method
The Summit HR method for two-way wooden rigid frame structures requires engineered wood for columns and beams. Deformed rebars are pierced through for joining. Then, epoxy resin is filled and cured to realize a two-way wooden rigid frame structure that has strongly joined parts close to rigid joints.  The frame structure does not require diagonal braces or bearing walls but enables column spacing and earthquake resistance equivalent to reinforced concrete (RC) construction or steel frame (S) construction. We can propose spaces that utilize the advantage of wooden structures also for buildings planned for RC or S construction. The Summit HR Method starts spatial modeling for wooden buildings.
・Two-way wooden rigid frame structure
・Large opening possible on each of the four sides because diagonal braces and bearing walls are unnecessary, allowing large room
・Column spacing equivalent of RC construction or S construction, excellent earthquake resistance, and high design flexibility because of easy wood processing
・Effective against salt damage and easy to design because joining brackets are not exposed externally
・Highly reliable method that has acquired certification from the Minister of Construction as a general construction method based on the former Article 38 of the Building Standards Act and a certificate (BCJ rating) of compliance with the Building Standards Act revised in 2007
・Thorough quality management by total support from structural design to construction and management
・Many cases of adoption throughout the nation