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Latest update: 21/12/2021 11:04:51

Hokkaido System Science Co.,Ltd.

We support biotechnology research with our high reliability and flexibility.

We provide strong support for your product development and research through our contract-based biotechnology-related services, including DNA/RNA synthesis, next-generation sequencing analysis, and DNA sequencing analysis.

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DNA/RNA synthesis
DNA synthesis
1. We can meet a wide range of needs from small to large-scale.
2. Prompt shipping system! We offer same-day synthesis on the day you place your order and next-business-day shipment.
3. We always deliver high-quality synthetic DNA through highly efficient synthesis conditions and strict quality control.

RNA synthesis
We provide high-quality RNA at a reasonable price. This RNA can be used for various research applications such as RNAi and RNA Aptamer.
We offer an optimally suitable scale for siRNA and miRNA experiments.
Next-generation sequence analysis
Next-generation sequencing analysis using Illumina or PacBio is available.

Illumina's sequencing library consists of an insert sequence derived from a DNA or RNA sample with adapters attached to both ends.
The library is bound to a sequencer substrate called a flow cell, and single molecules of the library are amplified to form clusters.
In each cluster, the cycle of single base extension and fluorescence reading is repeated.
The raw data delivered by the Illumina sequence analysis service is read data in the FASTQ format.

PacBio's sequencing library consists of a 10 to 20 kb-long insert sequence with hairpin-shaped adapters at both ends.
The SMRT Cell has small pores called ZMW, and a single ZMW is used to sequence a single library molecule.
In a single library molecule, several dozen kb are sequenced as the polymerase rotates.
DNA sequence analysis
We can deliver your sequence data quickly and at a low cost through rapid sequencing using our high-quality oligo synthesis technology.
We provide complete support for a series of analysis processes, from PCR amplification to sequence analysis!
Please use this service as an exclusive sequencing department for your laboratory.

[Capillary sequencing]
In our capillary sequencing service, you provide us with a DNA sample and primers, and we determine the base sequence of the DNA sample.
For difficult-to-analyze sequences, we will optimize the conditions as much as possible. Please consult with us in advance.

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