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Latest update: 18/11/2019 16:00:00

Toyama Nerumono Corporation

We offer our specially designed steamed fish paste to the rest of Japan

Our standard is to produce steamed fish paste without using synthetic seasonings or preservatives and retain the original taste that the material had when raw. Fresh flying fish taken from the Sea of Japan are processed on our premises and used as material for our steamed fish paste.

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Haben series steamed fish paste
"Haben" means "steamed fish paste" in the Toyama dialect. Haben fish paste made of high-quality ground fish and delicious water gives a taste of the locality that does justice to the taste the material had when raw. We finished our products with class by using kombu essence and real mirin without synthetic seasonings or preservatives.
A wide variety of products are available. We offer various other steamed fish paste products in addition to our standard Akamaki and Kombu-maki products.

- Premium Cheese, with creamy cheese.
- White Shrimp: A punchy product made of fragrant whole white shrimp.
- Taira Masukama: A specialty jointly developed with a Toyama-based sushi manufacturer. Good for Japanese New Year's cuisine as well.
- Smoked Yellowtail: Based on lightly smoked yellowtail to be eaten raw. It has a fragrant taste and is well suited for Western dishes as well.
- Lightly broiled flatfish: A classy specialty that offers the oil of fins and the fragrance of the broiled meat. Suitable for Japanese New Year's cuisine and hors d'oeuvres as well.
Easy to eat
Our steamed fish paste comes in an easy-to-open package. Just open it quickly without soiling your fingers. Its size is just right for eating it all in one sitting. Eat it as a snack with drinks, serve it to your children between meals, or as a snack at tea time. You can also casually have a  bite during a trip or when you’re away from home.




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