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Latest update: 22/11/2021 18:57:33

C’sTEC Co.,Ltd.

We are a company that gives closed-air-system technologies  developed in Hokkaido Univ. back to society.

We will contribute to human society by realizing the SDGs through the development and practical application of science and technology.


Sales Pitch

Providing new energy and environmental science & technology to contribute to realizing the SDGs
High-air-quality systems (CUSP/GEU, GEU)
Our sustainable, high-air-quality next-generation high-purity environmental systems separate the filtration function from the fresh air introduction function, and have a low environmental impact, with a long filter life and low power consumption.
2D PhotoRecepto-Conversion Scheme (2DPRCS)
We propose a 2-Dimensional PhotoRecepto-Conversion Scheme (2DPRCS) in which the photoreception part is spatially decoupled from, but is two-dimensionally connected to the photo-conversion part by a redirection waveguide (RWG).  In addition to photovoltaic power generation, the system also offers high performance as an optical wireless power supply (power beaming) system.
Realizing buildings in which CUSP/GEU and 2DPRCS are combined.
By combining CUSP/GEU and 2DPRCS, we can realize energy-saving and low-environmental-impact activity spaces and living environments that realize the SDGs.


A⑭第35回JACA発表論文(pp. 38-41).pdf

A① CUSP.paper.Electron.Lett.41(2005) p. 735.pdf

ICCBB2019 pp. 47-51, ICBSP 2019, N0022.pdf

Other presentation

When our new energo-environmental scheme of degeneracy off-lifting 2DPRCS and CUSP/GEU are cross-linked, we would be able to build a new energy-environmental system for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).