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We create new value together with our customers by utilizing the latest optical-laser technology. 

We are adept at instrumentation, laser-optics technology, and laser-processing technology. 
We have many achievements in being awarded public research grants, joint development with universities/research institutes, and other research and development projects. 

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Introduction of business content and an outline of products/technology
Business content/characteristics
We offer services related to lasers and other applied devices and technologies that use optics.  We offer planning/development/design/production of applied laser devices, such as laser minute processing devices and applied laser optical units, based on our accumulated laser processing technology and our design ability.  We use our in-house experimental facility to develop applied laser technology such as new laser processing or measurement techniques.  In our consigned laser processing experiments, we conduct experiments using our experience and database of minute laser processing machines and various types of laser processing.  We offer consulting in technological support for the development of applied laser equipment, in laser minute processing technology and optical technology, in addition to our consulting in device development. 
Overview of the main products and technologies
Our laser micromachining combines Galvano scanners and high precision X-Z stages and is capable of high speed processing of large areas.  It is equipped with a simultaneous coaxial monitoring system, which enables highly detailed processing monitoring and the installation of various laser oscillators.  We are particularly skilled with minute processing technology, e.g., advanced lasers with ultrashort pulses, including those in the femtoseconds and picoseconds, which are not yet generally available for industrial use or short wavelength (ultraviolet) lasers.  Lasers with ultrashort pulses, including those in the femtoseconds and picoseconds, use pulsed lights whose oscillations are shorter than the diffusion time of the heat generated by the processing. Thus, they enable nonthermal processing that does not generate thermal effect. Furthermore, short wavelength (ultraviolet) lasers are highly light condensing and absorbable by materials and have the potential for highly precise and efficient processing.  Our laser processing machines are used for materials and methods that are difficult to process or perform using conventional methods. 
Message by a representative (Initiatives for future market development and intensions on how to utilize J-GoodTech).
Our specialist team of laser/optical technicians can conduct in-house development, design, production and maintenance of processing devices.  Furthermore, we have gained advanced technical ability through our experience in joint developments with many universities and research institutions.  We also have a diverse range of experience, including in joint developments with major companies.  Furthermore, our staff includes certified laser equipment safety handling engineers, which means that we can respond to our customers' requests with specialized technology. If you have any questions about optical/laser technology, please feel free to make an inquiry. 

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