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Latest update: 03/04/2020 18:15:38

Kimura Progress Industrial Co.,Ltd.

We deal with environmental problems through the manufacture of inorganic coagulants. We contribute to clients and communities by (1) precutting and painting external wall materials, (2) processing wood-based panels for houses, (3) selling packaging materials, (4) processing metal, and (5) performing exterior work, maintenance, and repair work.

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Sales Pitch

Ferric polysulphate solution, which can be used as a multifunctional water treating agent containing no chlorine ion, is attracting attention. 
Industrial wastewater treatment requires high a high level of technical skill. In particular, the role of water treatment agents is increasingly important.
We produce and sell an inorganic coagulant (ferric polysulphate solution).
Features of ferric polysulphate solution
[Coagulation power and deodorizing power]
Compared to the conventional inorganic coagulating and precipitating agents, ferric polysulphate solution forms large flocs and possesses strong coagulation power. 
In addition, since it has a wide applicable PH range, it also incorporates the features of a dewatering aid.
[Odor eliminating power]
Ferric polysulphate solution can eliminate the odors of unpleasant smelling substances such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide.
[Less corrosion on equipment and dephosphorization effects]
Since ferric polysulphate solution contains no chlorine ions, it is less corrosive to equipment and also has a dephosphorization effect which is attracting attention as a measure against eutrophied lakes, ponds, etc.
[Cost reduction] 
Since ferric polysulphate solution allows dehydrators to operate with less centrifugal force, electricity consumption can be reduced.
Compared with the conventional aluminum chloride-based coagulants, ferric polysulphate solution can be used as an water treatment agent with excellent coagulating, precipitating, and sludge dewatering properties. In addition, as erric polysulphate solution eliminates the odors of unpleasant-smelling components such as solidified hydrogen, it can be used as a deodorant. 
Precutting and coating interior and exterior materials
Our main businesses
-Painting interior and exterior materials (mono color painting, two-tone painting, sanding, joint coating, UV painting, etc.)
-Processing interior and exterior materials (precutting for each house, cutting for each product number, processing coupling parts and joints, and performing perforation processing)
Merits of the precutting method
(1) Drastically reducing construction times
Since the process of cutting building materials at construction sites is eliminated, working hours can be drastically reduced.
(2) Eliminating redundant materials and members
Since required building materials and members are prepared in our factory beforehand, waste and mistakes at construction sites are avoided.
(3) Reducing industrial waste disposal costs
Eliminating the necessity of cutting materials at construction sites can drastically reduce the waste generated on-site, which also reduces waste disposal costs.
(4) Improving construction environments (reducing dust, noise, and odors)
Dust and noise generated by cutting materials or performing repairs are reduced, which drastically improves the environment around the construction site.
Our equipment:  
Automated transfer machine, long/short side processor (for pattern matching), NC router processing machine, NC running saw, UV painting line, press machine, silk printing line, NC boring machine, etc.   
Wood-based panels for houses and wood processing
Our products, made with thorough quality control, are used for various parts of houses. 
Examples: Panels for floors, walls, roofs, walls with bay windows, balconies, ceilings, partitions and external corners
Exterior work, maintenance, and repair work.
◆Exterior work
We stock a variety of exterior materials made by various manufacturers. Ranging from the latest materials to the everyday, our abundant product lineup meets all our clients' needs.
We perform roof work, sheet-metal work, exterior work, spout work, roof work, exterior painting, etc.
◆Maintenance and repair work
We build new buildings and repair existing buildings.
The work we perform includes painting loading platforms, changing the rubber on cart ramps, and paving large-vehicle parking areas.
Metal machining
We accommodate our clients' varied requirements, including special screw production, cutting work, and press work. 
[Parts can produce or process]
-Parts for production line equipment in ironworks
-Parts for production line equipment in factories
-Parts of constructing machines
[Main parts we can process]
-Rolls, shafts, sleeves, liners, flanges, and other parts that can be machine-processed
-High-performance ductile metals (fine spheroidal graphite cast iron)
-Abrasion-resistant parts (HARDOX/abrasion-resistant steel plates or hard facings)
-Our partnerships with subcontracting companies allow us to meet a variety of needs, so please get in touch to discuss them with us.
Packaging materials
We sell a variety of packaging materials.
<Types of packaging materials handled>
1) Wood-based products
(1) Wood for transportation, (2) wood for industrial use, (3) wood for steel products (for factories, shipping, and transportation), (4) ring wood, (5) rootstocks, and (6) wooden palettes
*These wood products are made of Japanese conifers and broadleaved trees, tropical woods, or processed wood such as plywood)
2) Paper products
(1) Laminated paper, (2) laminated paper for metal, (3) cardboard for packaging, and (4) cushioning materials for packaging
3) Chemical products for packaging
(1) Stretch film, (2) PP bands, (3) packaging film sheets, (4) tape, (5) cushioning materials for packaging, (6) foamed polystyrene products (low-power foamed), and (7) plastic palettes
4) Synthetic resin products
(1) Recycled synthetic resin products (for industrial use or transportation, ring wood, rootstocks) 
Accessories (arrises) for exterior materials 
We can accommodate various sizes, swiftly meet needs, and help build houses with high-quality building materials.
(1) High-mix, low-volume manufacturing 
We can produce the required products in the required quantities, supporting clients in reducing their stock.
(2) Adjusting production volume without waste
We can adapt to increases or decreases in order quantity, adjusting manpower or the number of cells to reduce waste as much as possible.
(3) Capable of delivering products in short periods
We can produce not only short or long items, but also custom products and oddly-shaped products with special sizes. Furthermore, for house-builders, we can make materials specially for each house.